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What’s Your Wedding Venue Style?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Fall in love.

Get engaged.

Pick a venue so you can start planning your dream wedding.

If you're having trouble figuring out where to get married, don't worry! We have rounded up eleven swoon-worthy settings, so whether you love deserts or mountains, backyards or warehouses, here's plenty of inspiration to help you figure out where to tie the knot.

1. Up North!

Photo Credit: Tay Ericson Photography

No Minnesota blog could skip over the unique ambiance of a Northwoods wedding. Birch décor, plaid accessories, and a lodge-like setting with candles and fireplaces is all you need to pull off this gorgeous, inviting wedding style.

2. Beach Vibes

A beach wedding should look elegantly effortless. Think sun-soaked shades of faded blue, sage, bisque, and white. Wear your hair down to catch those sea breezes and celebrate the golden hour with dinner on the sand.

3. Truly Tropical

Photo Credit: Ali Leigh Photography

Not to be confused with a beach wedding, tropical locations are lush! Deep green foliage and pops of bold accent colors are all you need to set off a stark white dress in one of these eco-chic locations.

4. Mountain Majesty

Mountain weddings possess grandeur without being too fussy. Nature inspired-lace; unexpected, lumberjack-styles for the men; and plenty of pine will give your mountain wedding just enough authenticity, while keeping the event beautifully elevated.

5. Urban Lofts and Warehouses

Venue: Aria Minneapolis

These venues tend to have a lot of metal, brick, and wood–all elements that look amazing dressed up. Think minimalist meets black tie, and let your formal touches be warmed by one of the city’s more storied interiors.

6. Backyard Intimate

Backyard weddings are the perfect place to embrace mismatch-couture. Repurpose unexpected items into entirely unique décor and go overboard on lights. Candles, lanterns, and fairy lights all belong at a backyard wedding.

7. Desert Dreams

Photo Credit: Jenny Shipley Photography

From rust to coral to baby pink, desert weddings are like the golden hour on crack. Be sure to use some bold patterns to help ground all these sunset shades.

8. Wine Country Wedding

Barrels, bottles, and shades of wine are all you need to pull of this timeless aesthetic. Go for different shades of glass accents to keep the décor looking modern and original.

9. European Wedding

Old World Elegance combines dusky hues with opulent antiques. Velvet furniture, chandeliers, and oversized blooms will all look right at home in European-inspired surroundings.

10. Barnyard Bliss

Wildflowers, a lace dress paired with boots, suspenders on the men, and so many candles will give you irresistible farm-inspired ambiance. Take things even further by offering an incredible farm-to-table wedding dinner.

11. Museum Weddings

Make your wedding a work of art by wearing a chic, modern dress, and choosing décor and foliage that emphasize form and structure. Take everything up a notch with surprising details, like a floating cake, or statement-worthy shoes. This is not a wedding for the faint of heart.


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