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Wedding Palettes to Fall in Love With

Photo Credit: Pacific Brides

It’s officially Autumn, and you know what that means… perhaps the year’s best wedding colors are finally upon us. If you are getting married this season, count your lucky stars and steal some inspiration from 2019’s unbelievably stunning fall palettes.

Fall 2019 wedding colors are rooted in landscape tones: think fields of golden grasses. Shades of ginger, nutmeg, burnt butter and toasted pecan are brought to life by swells of cool cactus and muted moss. Cornflower blues, deep oceanic teal and moody steel-skies round out the palette.

Reds have foregone the oranges of summer, and slunk into deep, lush wine tones.

Harsh shades like true black, white, and primary colors have retreated. So have pastels.

Instead, fall 2019 is an enchanting vista offset by the faded whites found in a French country house, by dusky roses in antique vases, by vintage lace that appears decidedly fresh despite its years.

Without further ado, here’s our favorite displays of this year’s breathtaking palette:

1. Defy northerly breezes with pops of warm amber and honey. These neutrals are the perfect shades to anchor a season as fleeting as fall.

2. Let cool green accents help bridge the transition from the robust days of summer to the moodier season ahead.

3. Deeply hued blues stand headlong against the setting sun, while deep, tumultuous teal seems warm as a late-season sea. Steel shades keep the whole look trudging forward, and will feel right at home on cooler, fall days.

4. Let your wine be part of the theme. Plan a tablescape offset by robust, inky glasses of garnet-toned merlots, amethyst-y zinfandel, and wheat-hued chardonnays.

5. Take pictures. So, so many pictures. The season may be fleeting, but this is a look you are sure to treasure forever.


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