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Top Wedding Trends, Both Minimalist and Opulent

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

This is one of the most exciting years in wedding trends that we’ve seen in, well, years.

The modern aesthetic is all about mixing minimalism with opulence, meaning you’ll see elements of both appearing harmoniously in the same receptions. The effects are gorgeous: sumptuous yet chic and highly personalized.

This year, instead of the emphasis being mainly on the couple, couples are emphasizing their surroundings, creating experiential décor to wow their guests. It feels like weddings are less about showcasing the bride and groom, and more about creating a shared celebration with the bride and groom, and the results are more personal and memorable than prior years’ trends.

Ironically, by making it less about themselves from a design standpoint, couples are actually extending their reach, creating big days that will feel more and more unique for their guests.

Here are 9 of our favorite modern wedding trends :

1. Simple Dresses.

Maybe it's the micro-wedding influence, or maybe it's just that modern brides would rather shine in their dress, than be out-shined by their dress. Whatever the reason, modern dresses are a reminder of just how breathtaking simplicity can be.

2. Three Piece Suits.

Guys are wearing three piece suits, but that's not all. We're seeing more and more men go for vests in a differing color or pattern. This little pop of the unexpected helps transition men seamlessly from ceremony to reception.

3. Eco-friendly Arrangements.

pampas grass alter, pampas grass wedding, boho wedding alter
Photo Credit: Ashley Bee Photo

From environmentally friendly pampas grass, to using structural elements in lieu of massive bouquets, couples are definitely finding new ways to go green with their centerpieces and displays.

4. “Grazing” tables.

Couples are saving money while still creating eye-popping displays. Forget passed appetizers. This year is all about the grazing table.

5. Lavishly decorated cakes

After a long trip down Cupcake and Pie Lane, the traditional wedding cake is back, and it's not come quietly. This years cakes are big, bold and beautifully flamboyant.

6. Banquet tables

Modern couples are putting an emphasis on their guest's ability to socialize, and this means banquet tables have all but replaced traditional rounds.

7. Velvet “linens”

Speaking of tables, velvet is being draped all over modern wedding tables. For more of the best ways to incorporate this dramatic fabric into your wedding decor, look here.

8. Hand drawn illustrations.

These are first appearing on wedding invites, but they don't stop there. Couples that commission an illustration are using it throughout their big day. If you're interested in having your own, illustrated design, check out LoveLettersMN. This gal is one of our favorite sources for hand-drawn invitations, wedding chalkboards, seating charts and more!

9. Bridesmen and Groomswomen

Photo Credit: Ash Imagery

Mixed gender bridal parties are (finally) the new normal. It's about time all your friends are included!


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