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Ring Trends That Will Take Over in 2024 (and some we're leaving behind)

three large-diamond engagement rings


Ring Trends that Are Taking Over in 2024 include:


Lab Grown Diamonds

lab grown round diamond, lab grown princess cut diamond, lab grown cushion cut diamond and lab grown emerald cut diamond

Hello Earth Mamas and every other eco-conscious citizen, this year is for you! Lab Grown Diamonds (which are every bit as real and high-quality as mined diamonds) have become the diamond of choice for your engagement ring. This ring trend is such good news, because it means you can get a bigger, brighter, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious diamond for less money than any mined equivalent.


Recycled Gold

Why stop your earth-loving mantra at the diamond? Recycled Gold is now in, and we love this. Gold never deteriorates from the recycling process, which means recycled gold is every bit as pure, durable, and gorgeous as gold that is newly mined. We love that our clients are embracing these future-proof trends.


Thicker Bands

If the gold is recycled, why not have more of it?

Thicker bands that allow for exciting details like filigree, pave-set diamonds, and channel diamonds, are having a moment. This is true for both the metal of your engagement ring, and for your separate wedding band.


Shorter Engagements

engaged nonbinary couple with custom engagement ring

Couples seem to be requiring less time to schedule their incredible weddings. We love this, because the wedding is one day, whereas the marriage is forever. Instead of getting too hung up on overplanning every single detail of the wedding, couples are taking a more relaxed approach and looking towards the real destination—marriage.


Couples Shopping Together for the Ring

solitaire engagement ring with gemstone wedding band and men's rare wood wedding band
Photo Credit: Codee Rose Photography

Yes to teamwork! We are seeing so many couples shop together for their engagement ring and wedding bands instead of expecting the ring to be a surprise.

We love this because just like with clothes, different ring styles flatter different finger shapes, and you might be surprised which ring is your favorite once it’s on your finger.

Shopping together takes the pressure off both parties and allows the ring-shopping experience (which is actually really fun!) to become part of your unique “together forever” story.


Free Custom Ring Design

custom ring design

Whether you want a small engraving inside the band of your ring, or you want to design a completely original ring from scratch, custom ring design should be fun and free! 2024 couples love the one-of-a-kind expression of a custom ring—custom is definitely in—but being charged mysterious fees just for the customization process is resoundingly out.



And those trends we're finally leaving behind are...


Extremely thin bands

Ultra thin bands look great as fashion rings, but for a wear-everyday engagement ring, we like the security of a slightly thicker band.

Did we mention recycled gold is in? We’d like to think that’s why couples are choosing thicker gold styles. Whatever the reason, thicker bands are clean, bold, and statement-making, and we are here for them.


Overspending on the Ring

overpriced low-quality diamond engagement ring

Gone are the days of people losing sleep over how they’ll possibly pay for the engagement ring they chose, and we are so glad. (Get that negative energy off our rings, please.)

Thanks to lab-grown diamonds, there are more affordable diamond options than ever before. 2024 couples know they can get the ring of their dreams without going broke.


hidden fees

Hidden Fees

2024 is the year of transparent pricing.

Wedding Day Diamonds has been way ahead of this trend; our pricing has been transparent from day one.

Whether you’re looking at your ring’s warranty, shipping, customization, or return, hidden fees have become a hideous faux pas.


Being Charged Extra for Customization


Some jewelers charge custom design fees on top of the cost of your finished ring. Not Wedding Day Diamonds.

We know ring design should be fun and free, and we want our clients to have the freedom to make changes and get their design exactly right. That’s why we will never charge fees for the customization process.

Just because your one-of-a-kind ring is out of this world, that doesn’t mean your bill should be.


Judging Other People’s Rings

friends gossiping

Rings have become as diverse as their wearers, and this is truly exciting news for the engagement ring industry. There are more ring styles than ever before, and we are seeing couples complement and embrace each other’s ring style, which makes the ring-shopping and ring-wearing experience that much more inclusive and rewarding for everyone. 



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