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Warranty Questions to Ask Before You Buy the Ring

Not all jewelry warranties are created equal. Some jewelers offer warranties that will keep you stress free for the life of your jewelry, while others will make you jump through crazy hoops. Still other jewelers don’t offer warranties at all. So, what gives, and how can you be sure your jewelry warranty is worth significantly more than the paper it’s printed on?

First, let’s get real about something: jewelry, especially engagement rings, are major purchases. Diamonds don’t age. Gold and platinum last for generations. When you buy a piece of fine jewelry, you are buying a piece capable of becoming an artifact: fine jewelry should last for the rest of your life and even become an heirloom for your family’s future generations.

That’s the quality you’re paying for, and that deserves a warranty, full stop. There is really no reason to buy jewelry that isn’t backed by a comprehensive warranty.

So, how can you be sure your warranty is going to be hassle-free and watertight? Here are the questions to ask to be sure your jewelry will truly be backed for life…

How much will my warranty cost?

The answer should be that your warranty is free. A good jeweler should stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece they sell. A warranty is their opportunity to show you that they are serious about the quality of pieces they’re selling, and so the warranty should be included. You shouldn’t have to opt in, or pay in, to be covered.

How long will my warranty last?

Diamonds are forever… so your warranty shouldn’t expire either. The warranty should last for the life of the jewelry. In the case of jewelry you plan to keep forever, like engagement rings, that means your warranty should absolutely cover you for the rest of your life, too.

Do I have to bring my jewelry for “checkups” to keep my warranty current?

The answer should be no way! You should be able to wear your jewelry and enjoy your jewelry every day, and your warranty should be there in the background if or when you need it.

The warranty should not become an obligation in your already busy life.

When jewelers start making clients jump through hoops to keep their warranties active, we get leery. That feels like a sly way to nullify coverage, and as we’ve already said, there’s absolutely no reason coverage should expire on items that are made to last forever.

I love the look of vintage jewelry, but a lot of estate jewelers don’t offer warranties. Should I buy the vintage engagement ring I love, even if it has no warranty?

It is very common for estate jewelers not to offer warranties, or to offer extremely limited warranties, with the logic being that these are old, rare, (maybe even one-of-a kind) pieces of jewelry, so how can they replace the piece should something happen?

But here’s the thing… jewelry making has evolved. The technology used to make rings today is better than the technology used a hundred years ago. That means older rings are very often less strong to begin with.

Now, pair that with no warranty, and you’re taking quite a risk. Our recommendation is that you find the piece you love, then work with our custom team to create that piece from scratch using modern technologies.

The result will be a ring you love that is made to exacting standards and backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s an alternative estate jewelers really can’t offer, and it’s an option that allows you to have to the ring of your dreams, while foregoing the heartbreak of anything happening to that one-of-a kind ring.

What if my diamond chips, cracks, or even falls out of the ring? Will my diamond be covered?

It absolutely should be!

In a good warranty, if you have the ring, any part that gets damaged or lost–even the center diamond–will be covered. If you bought the diamond from that jeweler, that jeweler should replace the diamond free of charge if something happens to it.

I think I want a white gold engagement ring. Will I have to pay for rhodium plating?

You shouldn’t have to! In a good warranty, upkeep should be included in your coverage. That includes rhodium plating for white gold jewelry.

This sort of maintenance should be unlimited for the life of your ring, so you should be able to keep your white gold looking bright white and brand new indefinitely.

What kinds of things has your warranty covered in the past?

At Wedding Day Diamonds, we’ve had clients whose rings have fallen into garbage disposals–that were on. We’ve had rings that have been run over by cars. We know that life happens in all kinds of unforeseeable ways, and a ring you wear everyday will likely be present at some of life’s crazier moments. That’s why we will be too. If you have the piece, we will back that piece, no matter what has happened to it.


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