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What’s Your Wedding Band Style?

(AKA: Creating the Perfect Wedding Stack)

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent hours, days, and even weeks searching for the perfect engagement ring. You know the diamond shapes you love; the color of metal you want, and whether you prefer side stones or solitaire designs.

But what you may not have thought much about is your wedding band: that other most-important ring that defines the look of your wedding stack.

So how do you find the perfect wedding band to complement your dream engagement ring? Here’s the words you need to know to define your wedding band style.

For Her:


Plain bands utilize a single metal, such as white or yellow gold, and they sit right beside the engagement ring, meaning there won’t be any gap between your engagement ring and your wedding band.

Plain bands can have a smooth surface or a carved design, be thick or thin, and have round or squared edges.

They are the perfect choice for a bride who wants to keep all eyes on her engagement ring. Don’t be fooled by the word plain, though; this style is exceedingly modern, clean, chic, and timeless.



Curved bands have a subtle “V” shape that creates space between the engagement ring and the band. The negative space allows your center diamond to seem framed by the engagement ring.

The “V” elongates your ring finger, adds sparkle and interest, and retains a delicate shape to the overall stack.

These are the new kids in wedding band design. They’re all over your Instagram feed, and we cannot get enough of this sprightly, romantic style.



These rings have diamonds that wrap all the way around the entire band. They are big on sparkle and symbolize the forever quality of your love.

There’s no upside-down to these rings, so they can turn on your finger without diminishing the look of your engagement set.

They are a perfect choice for more-active brides and for women who sometimes wear their band instead of their engagement ring.



Stackable bands allow you to wear multiple bands at once, or to switch out your bands to create different looks from day to day. Stackable bands also allow you to mix and match metals so you can be sure your wedding stack goes with every other piece you own.

They are fantastic for brides who love variety or want to start a collection.


For Him


Classic bands are made of traditional metals. Think gold, white gold, and platinum. They can even boast mix metals and often utilize unique finishes such as etched, grooved, or “coin edge” details.


Carved bands are still usually made of metal, but they feature chevrons, channels, braids, and Milgrain designs to bring more unique details to the ring.


Alternative bands use alternative materials. Instead of only gold and platinum, these rings might feature titanium, cobalt, Damascus Steel, rare woods, gemstone inlays, and even antlers. These rings often offer colors, textures, and finishes that aren’t found in other band styles.


Diamond bands can feature a single diamond, a row of diamonds, or can even be made entirely from diamond like these first two black-diamond showstoppers.


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