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The Ring Pictures to Take on Your Wedding Day

A while back, we interviewed an interior designer about how to create the perfect gallery wall using your wedding photos. You can read that article here. One of the big takeaways, though, is that you need to have more than just people shots to make a great wedding wall photo display.

If there are too many faces, people won’t know where to look. People images need to be balanced by still-life photos of your wedding décor, details of your event space, and of course, pictures of your ring.

A great ring photo can be perfect for filling an awkward space between larger images, or it can be blown up to make a statement piece all on its own.

Here are some of the best wedding ring picture ideas we’ve ever seen...

Go Natural

Pairing your ring with your wedding day flowers is a great way to bring your wedding colors to your gallery wall. Flowers freshen up any space, and the same is true for great floral photography. These are images that can hang anywhere.

Photo Credit (L-R, T-B): Sage River Studios, 7th Avenue Photography, Paisley Ann Photography, Olive and Opal Photography

Make an Accessory Still Life

Can you imagine how amazing photos like these would look above your vanity or dresser? How about above a deep soaking tub or in a walk-in wardrobe? These images bring so much class to any space.

Photo Credits: Love Big Live Small Photography, Rachel Lynn Photography, Studio 220, Nicole Marie Photography

Go Monochromatic

Images like these can stand alone. Imagine them blown up huge above your bed’s headboard.

Photo Credit (clockwise from top right): Rachel Elle Photography, Russell Heeter Photography, Savanna K Studios,

Get Wordy

People can’t help but read whatever words appear in front of them, so combining your ring with your vows, invitations, or another clever linguistic configuration (like these scrabble letters) is the perfect way to create a focal point on a wedding wall.

Use What’s Around

Sometimes the perfect image comes from something unexpected. Pulling in elements of your getting-ready setting is a great way to capture extra details from your wedding day. The unique props in these pictures mean they’d look just as good hanging in a den, library, or dining room as they would in a more personal space.

Photo Credits (Counterclockwise beginning with top left): Rachel Traxler Photography, Haley Hundt Photography, Tiger Lily Photography


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