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Holiday Proposals

If your New Year’s resolution is to be engaged, don’t worry… you’re not too late!

Did you know that 28% of all marriage proposals occur on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? How about the fact that another 18% of all proposals happen on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

It’s easy to see why...

Holidays are naturally celebratory, sentimental, romantic, and memorable. They’re also packed with family gatherings, making them the perfect time of year to celebrate a new engagement.

If quarantining with your sweetheart has left you convinced that you are made for each other, then consider ending this crummy year on a spectacularly high note by planning a holiday proposal of your very own.

You’re not too late to propose ring in hand, even if you haven’t started ring shopping yet.

That’s because we have rounded up the absolute best ready-to-wear engagement rings to be found anywhere, (all of them backed by our industry-leading, lifetime warranty,) so you can shop today, and have the ring of her dreams in your pocket by evening.

No matter what her personal style, there’s an incredible ring, ready and waiting to make your holiday coupledom-dreams come true.

The Anglophile

There is something undeniably royal about Oval-shaped diamonds. Queen Elizabeth wears an oval engagement ring; so does Kate Middleton. Many of the biggest stones in the British royal jewel collection are also ovals. If the ‘luv’ of your life loves all things British: Jane Austen, Earl Grey, red telephone booths… consider the oval diamond to be her perfect pairing.

The Icon

No style of engagement ring has ever been more popular than the solitaire, and for good reason: it’s hard to improve on perfection.

What is more perfect than a single, dazzling round-brilliant diamond? Nothing.

This ring style is here to stay, reminding us year after year that sometimes, less really is more.

Solitaires come in all shapes, and have inspired many modern "solitaire-like" mountings.

The Wild Card

You may have noticed the trend of all things eighties and nineties being “in” again. That includes bold, assertive diamond shapes—think diamonds with corners, like Princess Cuts, Asschers, and Emerald-cut stones.

While these shapes might seem like they’re having a recent comeback, the truth is, they were wildly popular in the 1920s, and are actually among the oldest shapes for any gemstones, proving what’s old will be new again… and again… and again.

Diamonds with corners can’t help but make a statement. They’re confidant, worldly, and edgy, making them the perfect choice for women with an untamed heart.

The Free-Spirit

Pear and Cushion-cut diamonds are naturally voluptuous. They’re reminiscent of summer’s most burgeoning flowers. Of paisley patterns, plush pillows, and golden-hour sunlight. Everything about these cuts is somehow soft and overflowing, just like the nature-lover’s heart and mind. Whether she’s into boho décor, or Ralph Waldo Emerson, there is no stone that quite evokes the modern free-spirit, like a pear or cushion-cut diamond.

The Time-Traveler

If your lady changes her haircuts with the weather—if her style is wildly eclectic, and she loves a sense of adventure, then we suggest embracing her bold spirit with a startling marquise-shaped diamond.

This shape feels simultaneously art-deco and futuristic. It feels exotic, and hard to pin down. From its soft, sloping sides, to its precise gathered points, marquise-shaped diamonds are a study in opposites. As such, they are exquisitely, endlessly, captivating; the perfect diamond for women who know that the only real constant in life is change.

So go ahead and plan your holiday engagement. It is not too late to let this Christmas or New Years be the start of your engagement story. Whatever her style, the ring is here, just waiting for you to claim it. And with our industry-leading warranty, you can buy today and remain confident in your purchase forever.

From all of us at Facet and Wedding Day Diamonds, Happy Holidays!


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