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Now is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Holiday Proposal

Photo Credit: Chris Emeott Photography

Ahh December: sparkling light displays, cozy fireplaces, cities done up in holiday decor and quiet fields blanketed in snow. Whatever your idea of romantic, this season has you covered.

Is it any wonder, then, that December is the most popular time of the year for couples to get engaged? If you are thinking of popping the question this holiday season, you are right on time.

Here are 5 Holiday Proposal Ideas that are sure to make your special moment unforgettable.

1. The Weekender or Staycation Proposal

This time of year, every shop window is decorated for the holidays. Every streetlight wears a wreath, and every tree is glistening in lights. Let the holiday magic be your backdrop, whether you jaunt to a romantic city destination or even just spend an afternoon and evening exploring a unique neighborhood in your nearby town.

Getting out and doing something even just a little different can make for a truly magical day, and by choosing a city or quaint, historic town for your proposal, you’ll have plenty of options for where to celebrate once she says yes.

2. The Dog Park

We’re not kidding. If you and your love are both pet owners, consider bringing the pups along, and maybe even base your proposal around the idea of blending lives… blending your two furry families. Watching your pups play together is inherently heartwarming. Who wouldn’t say yes to a future littered with dates like this one?

Besides, while the pups are dashing around in all this snow, you two will likely be sitting together, alone on a bench, cuddling to stay warm. That makes the transition into a romantic proposal absolutely effortless.

Photo Credit: Aubrey K. Photography

3. Christmas Tree Shopping

If you are someone who celebrates Christmas and who likes to hunt for the perfect tree each year, bring her ring along to the tree lot. Maybe tie it to a bright ribbon, and once you’ve found the tree you want, walk around it as though you’re making sure it looks good from all angles, while actually hanging her ring, the tree’s first “ornament,” on its bough. Tell her you really think this is the one. In fact, tell her it has to be the one. Be insistent, and watch her analyze the tree until she finds her ring.

Just be sure you don’t walk away from that tree while the ring is on it, and have your words ready for once she finds the surprise. You still have to ask the question, after all.

4. Winter Recreation

You don’t have to be a skier to propose on the slopes. You could go somewhere that offers tubing or dog sledding, or even just a fabulous skating rink. If none of that is available nearby, consider having a kid-like snow day.

Make hot cocoa or mulled wine. Put a warming dinner on the stove, and head outside to build a snowman or igloo. Start a snowball fight. Just have some fun, and at the opportune moment, whether that’s when you’re down on your knees crafting snowballs, or just after you’ve been tackled into a snowbank, pop the question.

Then head indoors to warm up to the beautiful dinner you put on the stove earlier, and enjoy your quiet, romantic night in. Doing something playful, turning the everyday into an exceptional day, is the best omen for the life-long relationship you two have ahead. That’s why we love these kinds of proposals.

Photo Credit: Tess Hamre

5. A Winter Stroll

In the spirit of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary, suggest that the two of you have a moment of calm amid all the holiday hustle and bustle. Plan to take a walk, whether it’s through a park or around a lake, taking a moment for the two of you to just relax and be together makes for a wonderful, calm and quiet setting for you to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.

Returning to all the craziness of the season will feel exhilarating for you both, now that you know you’re doing it all together, this year and always.

And if you like these ideas but haven’t bought the ring yet, don’t worry! You’re not too late...

At Wedding Day Diamonds we have thousands of awe-inspiring diamonds, breathtaking mountings, and stunning ready-to-wear engagement rings. Many of these, from full designer sets, to a hand-selected diamond, set in a basic solitaire (you can always come pick out a sparkly mounting later) can be ready same-day, meaning you can pick out her ring in the afternoon, and be proposing to her by evening.

Every ring is backed by our lifetime guarantee, and most can be in your pocket in time for your idyllic holiday proposal.


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