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What’s So Special About Diamonds, Anyway?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

There seems to be a new trend emerging in the world of engagement rings. While still a tiny minority, some couples are opting to go diamond-less.

And we get that, we really do.

For one thing, diamonds are expensive. Add to that just how costly life is these days, and it’s easy to understand why, for some couples, diamonds just seem out of reach, or too extravagant for comfort.

Other people think that to be environmentally conscious, they need to skip diamonds all together. (To these couples, we have some great news: lab-grown diamonds are eco chic and affordable, making them green-friendly in more ways than one!)

Still, this trend of going diamond-less has us thinking… maybe skipping a diamond seems like an easy, practical choice to make, but the truth is, diamonds have attributes unlike any other stone.

There’s a reason they’ve long been the choice of brides the world over, and so, without further adieu, it’s time to talk a little bit about why we will always come out in favor of the diamond.

1. A little thing called refractive index…

This is one of the most remarkable qualities of a diamond. It’s also one of the least talked about.

All substances (even air) have a refractive index. The more light a substance reflects, the higher its refractive index. This is where diamonds get really special.

A perfectly cut diamond has a perfect refractive index, and no other substance known to man can boast that! In other words, well-cut diamonds have perfect internal reflection, so every ray of light that enters the stone, bounces around in the stone before being sent right back out of the top of the stone.

Here’s how to think about this: on a perfectly cut diamond, the bottom facets behave like mirrors instead of windows. Light hits them and bounces off them, giving a diamond its unique fire. In fact, if you were to hold a perfectly cut diamond over a piece of black paper, and look at it from above, you wouldn’t see any black through the stone. The diamond would be as lustrous and sparkly as if pure light was shining up from beneath. Pretty amazing, huh?

So when you hear talk of diamonds’ sparkle, it isn’t myth. It’s science. Due to diamonds’ unique refractive index, they truly sparkle more than any other gemstone.

2. Hardness and Durability

A diamond will look like new, even if it’s been worn for generations. This is because diamonds are the hardest known material in the universe.

No other gemstone will endure quite the way diamonds do. Other stones will scratch, dent, and become dull with time.

Her diamond, however, will look just as new when she’s ninety as it does today. In fact, it will look just as new when her great-grandchildren turn ninety.

That is why diamonds will always be the single best expression of everlasting love.

Diamonds aren’t special because they are traditional. Diamonds are traditional because they are truly that special.

Come see for yourself.

Now, thanks to the advent of lab-grown diamonds, there is no reason to feel conflicted about giving Earth’s most perfect symbol of eternity to your forever love.


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