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Why Some Jewelers Fear Lab Grown Diamonds

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

If you’ve been considering a lab grown diamond for your engagement ring, first, we want to commend you.

Lab grown diamonds are the only truly Earth-friendly option in the diamond market. They are a marvel of technology, and that is something to celebrate.

But not everyone does celebrate these little wonders, and so it’s time to talk about why:

In 1943, the President of IBM said, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

Decades after him, the founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) concurred, saying,

“There is no reason that anyone would want a computer in their home.”

In other words, sometimes, technology improves so fast, even those in the middle of a technological revolution can’t quite see just how good and helpful their new technology will be.

This is how it is today with a lot of jewelers and lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are not fake diamonds. They are not diamond substitutes. They are real diamonds, indistinguishable both structurally and optically, from any traditional, mined diamond. The only difference between lab-grown diamonds and traditional, mined diamonds is their place of origin.

But for the consumer, this little difference has big ramifications. Not only are lab-grown diamonds more Earth-friendly than their mined counterparts; they are also significantly more affordable.

And we think this might be the real reason some jewelers are so afraid of them.

Diamonds are commodities. They are the rarest commodities in the world, and their rarity has long been the arbiter of their price point. For jewelers who sell only traditional, mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds must be scary. These jewelers must be looking around and seeing stunning diamonds on the market for a fraction of their diamonds’ cost.

They know this threatens their own business, and so rather than embrace the change, they dig in and become purists about what makes a diamond a diamond. They start spewing fear-inducing rhetoric aimed to convince you that lab-grown diamonds are somehow inferior. Except, they’ve got it wrong. Lab grown diamonds are diamonds, plain and simple.

They are here. They are every bit as real, and every bit as beautiful, as traditional, mined diamonds. They are better for the Earth, and better for your pocketbook, which makes lab-grown diamonds the choice for couples who want the splendor of a traditional engagement ring, but feel conflicted about the cost of procuring one.

Photo Credit: Katherine Chapman Photography

It seems to us that there will always be people who greet technology with fear. Don’t let their fear become your own. The technology that has made lab-grown diamonds possible is nothing short of awe inducing. And the diamonds born of this technology…well, they are something you have to see to believe. So come on in and see for yourself just how dazzling a lab-grown diamond can be.

Who knows? Maybe one day mining of any kind will be rare, and these little marvels will be as popular as the home computer…


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