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Grandest of Them All

There is something about fall that gets us dreaming…

Maybe it’s a vestige of childhood, and the anticipation we all used to feel about starting a new school year.

Or maybe it’s the shortening days and cooler nights, like a first whisper that the holidays aren’t so far away after all.

Or maybe it’s just the impossible beauty of autumn—the fleeting, blazing colors that have got us so energized and optimistic, like everything is just a little more possible right now…

Whatever the reason, this fall has us dreaming of the grandest, most regal diamonds in our collection—the kind of once-in-a-lifetime stones that we don’t always feature here.

And make no mistake, while we don’t think anyone should overextend themselves on their engagement ring (hello newlywed financial stress!), there is a place in this world for opulence and grandeur… for designs that remind us of just how important it is to dream.

And that’s precisely what these grandest-of-them-all engagement rings do…

A huge, impeccably cut diamond doesn’t want for much else, which is why we love these classic mountings to display breathtaking stones:

Halos (and Hidden Halos):

A large diamond doesn’t need a too-chunky mounting. After all, why pull attention from the glorious stone?

We love the contrast of pairing a simple, delicate halo with a large center diamond.

These are dreamy in a classic, princess kind of way.


Coco Chanel famously gave the fashion advice, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, and take one thing off.”

Solitaires are the Chanel of diamond ring designs. They are timeless, minimalist, elegant, and statement-making. This is never truer than with such a luxuriously sized diamond.

Three Stone:

If you want unstoppable sparkle in a classic design, look no further than three-stone rings.

Some of the oldest, most famous rings in the world have been three-stone engagement rings.

And with a big diamond, let’s just say this ice wall puts Game of Thrones to shame…

Split Shank:

Split shank engagement rings are all about elegance. Their curved lines swoop upwards towards the center diamond like a pedestal, which makes them perfect choices to display a showstopping-center diamond.


These types of mountings are reminiscent of a ballerina’s tutu. In this style of mounting, side diamonds of various shapes are arranged to create a symmetrical spray around the center stone. The result is a ring that is mesmerizing, overtly feminine, and vintage-inspired in its aesthetic.

And just in case you want to turn one of these dream rings into reality, we have some good news…

The invention of lab-grown diamonds has made engagement rings like these more attainable than ever. Lab grown diamonds, though indistinguishable from Earth-mined diamonds, tend to cost 30-50 percent less than mined diamonds with the biggest savings being on the largest stones. They’re also the only diamonds that are earth friendly and guaranteed cruelty free. So go ahead; dream a little. Now, there really is no harm in it…


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