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When to Buy Your Wedding Bands (and other band considerations)…

eternity wedding bands

Planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, and you might be tempted to wait until near to your wedding day to buy your bands, but should you?


Nearly everything about your wedding day will be temporary: the cake, the music, the venue, the squad outfits, and even the décor, will shine for a day and then be gone. But this is not true of your bands.


Wedding bands are something you’ll keep forever and wear every day. For that reason, you want to make sure you give yourself the time to find exactly what you’re looking for.


eternity wedding bands, stackable wedding bands, and toi et moi wedding bands on beautiful black hands

When Should We Shop For Our Wedding Bands?

We suggest shopping for your wedding bands 3-4 months before your wedding day. You’ll be in good shape if you’ve got your bands picked out at least six weeks before the big day.


Why Do We Need This Much Time to Shop for Our Wedding Bands?

plain gold wedding band and gold solitaire engagement ring

The days of his-and-hers matching gold bands have given way to a wide world of incredible wedding band options...

Maybe you want the sophisticated bling of an eternity band. Or maybe you love the sweet look of classic prong set diamond bands. Maybe you want to surround your finger with fancy diamond shapes like oval diamonds and marquise diamonds, or you want to make a statement with the ring’s shape. (Hello, chevron!)


Perhaps your partner wants unique materials like meteorite, olive wood, or tantalum.

 Now, you and your partner can each pick a band that perfectly suits your unique style, and sifting through all these options takes time.


Since a band is something you’ll wear every day, you don’t want to be rushed trying them on and figuring out exactly what you want from your wedding band. 

What are My Wedding Band Options?

These days, the options for wedding bands are practically limitless. More and more, brides are choosing bands that look just as good alone as they do with their engagement ring. This is especially true for active women who may want a low-profile alternative to their high-profile diamond engagement ring. 

Customizing Your Wedding Bands

custom gemstone wedding band and men's wood wedding band
Codee Rose Photography

Wedding bands present you and your partner with an amazing opportunity to customize your wedding rings. Maybe you want to engrave a special message or date inside the ring. Maybe, you are someone who wants to design completely original bands from scratch.


By shopping early, you keep every option on the table. You give yourself time to hone your tastes so that you can be sure you’ll have exactly what you want on your big day.


The Takeaway

The truth is, it’s never too early to start your wedding band shopping, and we like to think that shopping for wedding bands can be one of the fun, low-stress parts of wedding planning. It’s something you and your partner can do together, entirely for yourselves without keeping any guests in mind.

So, take a break from the hoopla and come play dress up with our extraordinary wedding band collection. We can’t wait to help make this part of your wedding day dreams come true!


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