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Solitaire-Inspired Engagement Rings and Dazzling Bands

Remember when nearly all wedding bands used to be plain gold? Yeah… us either. And yet, it wasn’t that long ago that brides opted for blinged-out engagement rings coupled with solid gold bands. Today, we’re seeing a complete inversion of this trend, and we love it!

More and more women are choosing solitaire-inspired engagement rings (which are smart for so many reasons, but we’ll get into all that…) and they’re pairing them with unique, fresh, whimsical diamond bands. We love this look!

It offers endless variety (hello, stackables!) and feels completely modern, playful, personalized, and feminine. This is a trend that is here to stay, and it’s a very smart one to consider for your wedding stack.

Why to choose a Solitaire-Inspired Engagement Ring:

Solitaire rings are the preeminent classic of all ring design.

There is simply no better way to show off a diamond—with a solitaire, all eyes are on that stone. There are no distractions, and that let’s your diamond really speak for itself.

But that’s not the only reason solitaire engagement rings are so fantastic…

They are also one of the best choices if you are someone who might want to “upgrade” your diamond later. If you are buying a half-carat diamond now but think you may want a two-carat diamond to commemorate a big anniversary, or to mark the birth of your first child, or as a congratulations to yourself following a big promotion… whatever the awesome life event, a solitaire engagement ring will allow you maximum flexibility later.

Whether you want to change your diamond’s size or shape, solitaires allow you to make changes without altering the integrity of your original ring design.

Why would you ever switch your diamond?

There are a million reasons, but one of the most common is that you pass your diamond onto your child or child-in-law for their own engagement moment!

This is certainly the tradition in my family. The diamond I wear comes from a long line of women going all the way back to my great-grandmother!

And every generation that has worn this diamond has also had to choose a new diamond when it was their turn to pass this on. (I’ll be choosing lab-grown when my day comes.)

Solitaire styles give you all the flexibility in the world to make these kinds of changes without losing any of the integrity of your original, beloved ring.

The Inverse: Bringing Personality to Your Classic Ring Design

It’s no secret that solitaires go with everything, and so the wedding band is where you can really take your solitaire-inspired ring to new heights.

  • Maybe you want mixed metals.

  • Or a wedding stack you can regularly switch around, thanks to stackables.

  • Maybe you want to keep the clean lines of your solitaire but are still hoping to add something unexpected and personality-driven to your ring.

It’s all possible when you opt for a classic ring, paired with unique diamond bands!

Here are some of our favorite diamond bands, and the awesome ways they’ve been paired with solitaire-inspired engagement rings. This is one trend we really can’t get enough of.


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