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Wedding and Engagement Rings for LGBTQIA+ Couples

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It’s Pride Month, and that’s got us thinking about amazing wedding band and engagement ring styles for the LGBTQIA+ community. Of course, everyone, no matter the configuration of their coupledom, should choose the ring they will love forever—the one ring they’ll feel proud to wear every single day.

That might mean matching rings, or it might mean high-contrast designs. Whatever your individual tastes, today’s engagement ring and wedding band styles offer more options and are more inclusive than ever before, and that is something to celebrate.

Here are some of our favorite wedding rings for today’s LGBTQIA+ couples.

Engagement Rings:

These stunning rings turn traditional ring design on its head, and the result is breathtaking. Choose a bezel mounting to make the look even more modern.

These are often called “Toi et Moi” or “You and Me” rings. The design celebrates the individuals within the couple, and we love these for LGBTQIA+ couples because of how they allow each person to choose their own diamond shape, and then wear their partner’s diamond beside their own.

sapphire engagement ring

Vintage Colors:

Sapphires, which have long been a symbol of faithfulness, give engagement rings instant vintage appeal.

We love the nod to color and the assertion of timelessness that comes with a vintage-inspired ring. Choosing two diamond-and-sapphire rings allows each person to express individual style, while still matching one another.

Solitaires with Curved Bands:

Solitaire mountings are the most traditional diamond engagement ring design. The singular diamond represents unity, and that’s a perfect sentiment for marriage.

To update the tradition, ditch a straight band and go with one of today’s chic curved or chevron designs. You and your partner can each choose your own favorite diamond shape, and your own complementing curved band to create two rings that are totally unique from one another, yet still feel like a perfect partnership.

Wedding Bands:

Natural Materials:

From Olive Wood to Antler, these organic-material rings celebrate nature and offer a strong, grounded, timeless aesthetic. They’re a perfect choice for a couple who wants to complement one another without matching exactly.

Out of This World:

Your love is heavenly; now your ring can be too. Meteorite rings are pretty mind-blowing—the distance traveled, the age of the material. It’s a powerful statement piece. We love the way these bands pair with Lapis Lazuli to create even more of that "heaven and earth" combination.

Black Diamond Luxury:

If you want understated luxury, take a stripe from the Progress pride flag, and consider a solid black diamond wedding band. These bands are a great way to express solidarity and alliance, and being made of solid diamond, they are the height of luxury.

Pride Wedding Band, Rainbow Wedding Bands, Pride Flag Ring

Pride Eternity Bands:

Wear your heart on your finger with these statement-making Pride Bands.

This inclusive design looks amazing on every hand and can be worn on its own or as a wedding band beside a diamond ring.


You and your partner are unique. Your love story is unique. And maybe the ring that will symbolize your love should be unique too.

Wedding Day Diamonds offers custom design for free for wedding bands, engagement rings, and all your other jewelry needs. Our design team will work with you until your design is exactly how you want it. There's no charges to design a ring. Instead, you'll pay for your mounting and the diamond of your choosing just as you would for any other ring.

If you aren't fully satisfied with the finished ring, you have thirty days to return it for a full refund no-questions-asked, or 365 days to return it for store credit.

The best part? If your ring is everything you wanted it to be, you can rest easy knowing it's guaranteed for life with our industry-leading lifetime warranty. Our warranty is comprehensive and complimentary, even on custom jewelry.

Wedding Day Diamonds is different. We know how beautiful different can be. And with our custom ring design, we are committed to making your one-of-a-kind dreams our reality.

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