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An Extra-Special Custom Ring

There are times when a custom ring can mean even more than one-of-a-kind style, heirloom stones, and special engravings... There are times when a custom ring can mean the difference between having an engagement ring or not having one at all.

That was the case for Kinsey, an amazing woman we are proud to call a client, and it’s her story we want to feature this week.

Kinsey came into Wedding Day Diamonds in Burnsville, and from the sounds of things, we were one of her final stops in her hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

She’d been to the big guys–nationwide chain jewelers who claim to have the widest, most flexible offerings.

And yet, store after store failed Kinsey. They told her they couldn’t help her. They couldn’t even custom design a ring for her very special hand.

Kinsey was born with a rare hand condition that makes her left hand much tinier than the average adult hand. As a result, her ring finger is a size 1.5—that’s about two-thirds the circumference of a dime.

Kinsey had always been self-conscious about her hand. In fact, she’d long dreaded the day she’d go ring shopping. She feared she wouldn’t be able to have the same exciting experience that other women get to have when choosing an engagement ring. And that instead, her experience would be an embarrassing one of disappointment, rejection, and heartbreak. And so far, the other jewelers were causing exactly that.

At the end of a deflating day, Kinsey and her boyfriend Maverick decided to stop into a Wedding Day Diamonds. They came in hesitant and discouraged. They weren’t expecting much. Kinsey didn’t know what kind of ring she wanted, because so far, she had not been shown a single ring that was even possible for her small hand.

Then she met Christine.

Christine immediately came up with a jewelry tool that made every ring fit properly on Kinsey’s hand so Kinsey could start to see what different styles would look like. Together, they honed in on elongated diamond shapes, since longer stones make fingers appear longer and slenderer too.

With Christine’s help, Kinsey found an incredible marquise diamond with proportions that were perfect for Kinsey’s finger.

“For the first time in my life, I felt like my hand was beautiful,” Kinsey recalls.

“She made me feel beautiful about something I had seen as ugly for twenty-four years. She made me feel confident, not insecure. For the first time, I didn’t feel like I needed to hide my deformity. She made it so I could shop for a ring like any other woman.”

That is the power of custom-ring design.

Kinsey was able to try on as many rings as she wanted while she discovered her personal engagement-ring style, and figured out which design elements she wanted in her custom ring.

The custom process was the same for Kinsey as it would be for any other client. There were no added fees for her ring’s design or creation, and her finished ring is backed by a complimentary, comprehensive warranty, no matter its unique specifications.

The result is a breathtaking marquise-shaped diamond ring featuring a halo, cathedral-style mounting, and delicate diamond shank.

“I cried tears of joy when I left. I now have the ring of my dreams, and the confidence to wear it.”

We are so happy for Kinsey and Maverick, and we are humbled to have been part of their unique engagement story.

Our custom process is truly limitless and inclusive. It’s also free. So come visit any of our nine locations where we can make your dream ring a reality too.


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