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Valentines Dates that Even Anti-Vallers Will Enjoy

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A certain holiday is coming up, and considering it’s supposed to be a celebration of love, it sure does bring up a lot of mixed emotions. Maybe no holiday is quite as polarizing as Valentine’s Day.

For some people, Valentine’s Day feels less like a spontaneous celebration of love, and more like an obligation. For others, it’s a welcome excuse to put responsibilities aside, and take a night to celebrate coupledom.

Both sentiments make a ton of sense, but no matter how you feel about it, the day is coming. It’s on the calendar, and there’s no way to avoid that, which is why we compiled ideas for how to spend February 14th, no matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day.

1. Let’s Begin with the V-Day Haters.

Yes, even you can have fun on February 14th. How? Do Something Ironic.

This may sound insane, but sometimes, doing something so off the mark is exactly what you and your sweetheart need in order to let loose and share a laugh. Besides, imagine how great your aim will be if you just imagine a big heart-shaped target. It worked for Cupid…

2. The Closet Valentine

You don’t hate the day, but you wouldn’t be caught dead celebrating it, either. How about some low key, cozy romance? Stay in. Close the Blinds. Shun the world and just cocoon with your darling. You can still make it special.

  • How about turning your kitchen into a Michelin Star experience for the evening? Here are loads of authentic Michelin rated recipes. (Maybe keep a frozen pizza on hand just in case things don’t quite turn out…)

  • Or put together a snack spread, and have a movie marathon. If you’re feeling lovey-dovey, go with romcom. If you feel more put off by the day, how about clinging to one another as you brave a good horror film? You can still have a cozy, cuddly night, and no one has to know you celebrated at all.

  • Not feeling like staying in? How about spreading the love by volunteering? Sometimes nothing feels better than making someone else’s day. For a list of opportunities, check out:

3. The Traditionalist

You are someone who is not about to skip a celebration, whatever the reason. You also aren’t looking to blow your load on this particular holiday over any other, so take the work out of planning, and go with a standard hit.

4. Go Big or Go Home.

Pink and Red have always been your favorite colors. You always make someone your secret valentine. You hand out love-heart candies to passers-by on the street. Or, you’re just recently smitten (or deeply in love) and want to really impress the person of your affection.

Whatever the reason, if you are someone who adores Valentine’s, it’s not too late to make this February 14th spectacular.

  • Book a cabin getaway. Go to Ely or Grand Marais. Bring a couple bottles of great wine, and prepare to spend some nights cuddling up near a fireplace. For something extra memorable, book a dog sledding adventure for two. You’ll be cuddled up under a blanket, enjoying the north shore’s winter wonderland from a sled. And if your partner is a dog person (who isn’t?) they will adore this outing.

  • Have a staycation in your city. Book a great hotel room. Go for an exquisite dinner, and get tickets to any one of the great shows coming through town. Book brunch the next morning and remind yourselves why you moved to the city in the first place.

5. Galantine’s

No man? No worries. Galantine’s is all about not needing any excuse to have some fun, some flirts, and a hefty dose of self-love on a day usually reserved for couples. We love Galantine’s. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate.

  • Come into any Wedding Day Diamonds location with your best friend, and let us help you pick out a pair of diamond stud earrings to split. They start at just $139 (less than $70 bucks each) and are the perfect symbol of feminine solidarity. Not only is an accent stud earring something you can both wear every day, but all our diamond studs are backed by our lifetime guarantee. Now that’s lasting love.

  • Get a group of girls together, and lock the boys out by going to an Escape Room

  • How about a wine and painting class followed by a slumber party?

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, whether you want to go for broke, or gut the whole thing, there’s a way to spend February 14th that is perfectly suited to your own mood and temperature. For even more great ideas, (at exceptional discounts), check out Let’s Go, an app you can use year-round to celebrate love with your darling (or your bff).


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