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Well Groomed: The Best of Men’s Wedding Style

From statement socks and jewelry to three-piece suits and unbuttoned styles, men’s wedding attire has moved way beyond the days of classic black-tie tuxedos. There are countless ways to personalize your wedding look. Here are some show-stopping men’s fashions that will have you looking forward to dressing up for your big day.

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1. Something Blue

Blue has always been a choice wedding color, and the blue suit trend is alive and well in men’s fashion. Blue offers an effortlessly sexy look, and since it flatters every skin tone, it’s a great shade to choose for your squad, too.

Credit (R): Wedding Story Tellers

2. Pattern + Texture

It doesn’t get any better than this couple’s wedding look. The patterned pants, statement lapels, and complementary bowties and jacket fabrics create incredible ensembles. We love the way these grooms’ personal styles elevated each other’s wedding day look.

3. More Than Just an Accessory

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Why should brides have all the fun? From bicycle socks to rooster cufflinks, pops of color to a debonair scarf, these accessories make a statement. We love the way men are getting into their own wedding spirit with accessories that personalize and elevate traditional Groom style.

groom in scarf, men's wedding accessories, winter wedding groom fashion

4. Unbuttoned and Fancy Free

Photo 1 & 3: Allie Lee Photography

Want to look pulled together but unstuffy? Stick with black, ditch the tie, and be a little unbuttoned. This is an undeniably modern, alluring take on classic black-tie style. To pull this off, prioritize your suit’s fit. This is a look that requires great lines and strong silhouettes.

5. Inviting Plaid

Plaid is one of those fabrics that is utterly timeless, yet always unique. We love this groom’s dapper brown three-piece suit and the way he pulled pale blue through to his bowtie. Well played, sir. This is bookish styling at its best.


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