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Memorable Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be in Your Wedding

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Set the tone for your big day by asking for your friends’ involvement in fun, creative ways. Here, we’ve got the best ideas for how to approach each member of your wedding party!

The Whole Bridal Party

  • Organize a day out at an obstacle course. Get all your boys and girls together on one big team, and tell them they’re in “Wedding Party Training.”

Doing a joint event is great because it means your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have a chance to meet each other before the big day. They can have some laughs and make some memories, so they’ll be that much more excited to see each other again at your actual wedding. This is a fantastic way to avoid the awkward “strangers walking each other down the aisle moments” and ensure that your actual wedding is that much more fun for all involved.


  • Send roses and a love letter to their place of work. This is a great way to embarrass a friend, and set a playful tone for your wedding.

  • Make a theme of it: Have everyone over to watch a football game, give everyone a team trinket, and tell the guys you need them to be on your team one more time–as your groomsmen. Or gift each of your boys a different Avengers shirt and tell them you’ll need the whole squad for this next mission–to get you married.

  • Do a whiskey or beer tasting–arrange an outing for your soon to be groomsmen. Get a little tipsy, then pretend you needed the liquid courage to ask them this very serious question–will they be your Groomsmen? Sweeten the pot by telling them that if they say yes, they can have the bottle of whisky or six pack of beer you’ve brought for them.


  • Send cupcakes. Tell them you’ve found your man but having your girls beside you would be the icing on the cake.

  • Send each girl an “accessories box.” Think earrings, nail polish, fancy hair clips, and anything else you you’ll want them to wear on your wedding day, and then tell them you’ve got the man and the dress, but you need bridesmaids to complete your wedding look. Include exciting details about your wedding, such as the theme, or venue. You can even include “look cards” to help impart your vision and get them even more excited about their role in your big day.

  • Do an escape room. Once you’re all trapped inside, “find” some champagne and glasses. Tell them this escape room isn’t like others–the real reason you’ve brought them together is to ask them to be your bridesmaids, and only those who say yes will be allowed out. Get your girls working together, and make sure you have some sort of celebration waiting at the exit.

Flower Girl:

  • This is easy–send flowers! You’ll probably be the first person in her life to send her flowers, so this is automatically special. You can send cut flowers, a potted flower, or even something like a flowering cactus (which is hard for even little children to kill).

  • Send a flower theme box. Flower barrettes, flowered shirts, flowered stationary, flower stickers, or even flower cookies are nice ways to ask a little girl to be your flower girl. If you are asking a girl who has siblings, be sure to send something the other kids can enjoy, too.

Ring Bearer:

  • Build it up! Tell them you need someone you trust completely, someone really responsible, to carry your ring down the aisle. You can even make a joke about not wanting your fiancé to lose the ring. Then give him a toy sheriff or ranger badge and build a little box around the theme of being “in charge” of the ring.

  • Turn to comics. Pick a favorite comic book character, like superman or batman, and tell this little guy all the ways he’s just like that hero. Then, tell him that’s why you’re asking him to do this very important job for you. Give him a t-shirt or pajamas with his favorite comic book hero so he can really get into character and feel specially chosen for the job at hand.


This is a big job. They’ll need to get ordained, (which can be done for free online), write up what they plan to say, practice and rehearse the part, and be comfortable speaking publicly on the big day. That’s why combining heartfelt sentiments with a fun, unexpected monthly subscription service is the perfect way to propose to your officiant. A monthly treat will keep you in their mind, and help them to stay on track with all the steps between now and officiating. It’s the perfect way to say a continuous, “thank you for all your doing.”

Here’s three fantastic clubs and card ideas for your officiant!


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