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Rocking a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

If you’ve been to a wedding or opened a wedding magazine lately, you may have noticed something unusual going on in the world of wedding dresses...

They aren't all white or ivory, and they aren't all ball-gown length and styles.

Nowadays, brides are wearing dresses that come in all hem-lengths and levels of formality, and many aren’t opting for dresses at all. Jumpsuits and two-piece skirt & top “dresses” are also becoming more popular. But that’s not all… loads of brides are opting for colored dresses, from pale pinks and lavenders that aren’t so different from white, to dramatic red or black gowns. We’re also seeing multicolored designs entering the mix, and to all of it, we say heck yeah!

Your wedding is your day, and now, no matter what your style, there is a bridal outfit to express yourself perfectly.

Here are nine of our favorite non-traditional wedding looks:

1. Lady in Red

Red is both classic and fresh. It’s flattering on every skin tone (there’s a reason red lipstick is never out of style), and it is far more vibrant than a classic white dress. Red is an amazing, statement-making color, perfect for a bride who wants to feel unique, but no less dressy.

2. Back in Black

Black has become a huge trend in wedding dresses, and it’s actually pretty easy to see why. Black is slimming. It flatters any skin tone and hair color. It allows you to take your makeup in absolutely any direction, and it just might be the color of dress you’ll find most occasion to wear again.

Black is no less formal than white, but it can transition much more easily from wedding dress to gala dress, or even wedding-guest dress.

3. The Golden Hour

Capture that perfect moment of sunlight all day long in a gold wedding dress. Far from “chintzy,” today’s metallics are absolutely boho beautiful, and gold, especially, will impart a warm, glowing hue to your complexion.

4. Something Blue

Nothing is more Cinderella than the perfect blue dress. From pale blue to aqua, ocean inspired dress colors are making a splash in bridal fashion. We love blue dresses for how they look fresh and unexpected, yet right at home with the “something blue” tradition.

5. Floral Fetish

Wedding Dresses have come to life, with new, floral designs. Whether you opt for a dramatic, all-over print, or simply want a few delicate petals to adorn your dress, floral designs are a perfect way to bring totally unique elements to your bridal look.

6. Pretty Patterned

This look is not for the faint of heart. Bold patterns are decidedly modern, and bring a one-of-a-kind feel to your wedding look. Whether you go for splashy colors or keep things monochromatic, patterns create dramatic wedding looks.

7. Jump to It

Not sure you want a dress at all? Good for you! Jumpsuits and pantsuits have really made a comeback, and unlike a dress, which is always just a touch “girly,” pant options lend a sophisticated, confident edge to your look.

8. Twosome

Okay, we’ll just say it: we love two-piece wedding dresses. Not only does it make finding a perfect, flattering fit that much easier, but the options to wear each piece again, or even make a few choice wardrobe changes day of, are limitless. A tulle skirt might pair with a bodysuit for the ceremony, and a t-shirt and boots for the reception. If you plan on throwing an after-party, how about finding a nice cashmere knit to take you from the venue to the bars?

9. In the Buff

If you want something a little different for your wedding day, but don’t want to give your grandmother a heart-attack by showing up in a tin-foil inspired gown, consider going with nude.

Nude is different than white, ivory, or champagne. It’s deeper and more subtle, but no less fancy. A nude dress will have everyone wondering what it is about you—why you just look that much calmer then most brides. The right nude will look equally at home in a prairie wedding as it does in a black-tie ballroom.


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