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How to Build A Complete Fine-Jewelry Collection on Any Budget

diamond necklaces

Your fine jewelry collection should include earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and rings, and all these items should transition effortlessly from day to night. Here are the pieces you need to create a complete fine jewelry wardrobe, whether you’re trying to save or splurge.




Whether you love bright white gold and silver, or traditional yellow gold, it's possible to build a complete jewelry wardrobe (including some diamond pieces) for under $1000. Here's' how:

The twist brings extra flair to these perfectly sized hoops.


These Fab 5 varieties mean you can have a diamond necklace + plenty of personalized style for under $200.


This bezel-set diamond bracelet brings a playful sparkle to all your hand gestures.


You’ve saved so much on your other pieces; you can push the boat out a little on this adorable baguette diamond stackable. We can’t get over the sleek, modern lines and its go-with-everything appeal.


Cost for full jewelry wardrobe: $900.


These to-the-point earrings are your wear-everyday essentials.


This delicate bead bar is one you’ll never take off. It can be worn alone or layered with longer chains, chokers, and everything in between.


Engraved gold beads offer a charm-like style that is at once youthful and timeless.


These joyful gold bubbles are the perfect accessory for your pointer finger.


Cost for full jewelry wardrobe: $981





Diamond huggies bring effortless radiance to your face.


Nine diamonds for under $1000 makes this splurge a no-brainer.


This diamond-encrusted paperclip inspired bracelet is a modern piece that will never go out of style.


This toi et moi style makes a big statement without a lot of fuss. It looks just as good with your old concert t-shirts as it will with a little black dress.


Cost for full jewelry wardrobe: $3420



In oval, pear, or emerald-shaped diamonds, these huggies are the daily accessory you won’t want to leave home without.


The paperclip trend has been worn by everyone from Coco Chanel to Jackie Kennedy, and it’s still going strong with modern celebs.


Why choose just one diamond shape when this delicate chain offers a whole selection?


This yellow gold heart is all kinds of pleasing. We love its unexpected whimsy.


Cost for full jewelry wardrobe: $3765





If you’ve got your basics covered and are looking to add a showstopping splurge to your jewelry wardrobe, look no further than these breathtaking pieces…






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