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Pairing Earrings to Your Wedding Dress Neckline

natural hair black bride in strapless wedding dress style

You’ve found your dream gown; now come the accessories. Few wedding day accessories are as important as your earrings. Why? Because your face is about to be photographed all day long!

You’ve probably already been thinking about your wedding day hair and makeup looks. Earrings are the other element that will frame your face and appear in all your wedding photos. Here, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect wedding day earrings for your bridal look.

bride in high-necked wedding dress

Earrings for High-Neckline Wedding Dresses

If you have a high-neckline wedding dress, or an invisible neckline with lace details up to your collarbones, you can’t go wrong with classic stud earrings. Classic studs will bring light to your face, and they won’t distract from the detailing of your dress. A high neckline plus studs is about as timeless as any bridal look can be. This is the epitome of classic elegance.

Earrings for Sweetheart, Off-the-Shoulder, and Strapless Wedding Dresses

These necklines all offer a beautiful skinscape. To make the most of your exposed neck, shoulders, and décolletage, consider a drop earring. Not only will it bring textural interest to his part of your body, but it’s shadows will play against your skin beautifully in photographs.

Earrings for V-Neck and Halter Style Wedding Dresses

Halters and V-neck wedding dresses offer dramatic angles. So as not to challenge the lines of the dress, we recommend a rounded earring shape. Hoops are perfect, and they transition flawlessly to your reception style, if you’re changing your look for the dancing portion of the night.

bride in modern asymmetrical wedding dress

Earrings for Wedding Dresses with Asymmetrical Necklines

Since half this neckline is already trailing up over your shoulder, continue that lifted look with a pair of earrings that climb up the ear lobe. You can go ultra-Grecian with this gold leaf design, or you can take your asymmetry in a more modern direction via these gold ball climbers or these sterling silver and white sapphire beauties.


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