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High Marks for Marquise

Two of 2021’s top engagement ring trends are chevron silhouettes, and fancy-cut diamonds. The marquise diamond shape achieves both, making this a center stone that is impossible to pass up.

Marquise diamonds have a unique history. This is one cut that was actually designed specifically for diamonds.

The first ever marquise diamond was created as a special commission for King Louis XV of France. He wanted a diamond that would mirror the shape of his mistress’s lips.

Tres romantique!

This diamond shape gained such popularity, it soon became the shape of choice among Louis’s companions and advisors at court. Before long, it was simply known as the marquise, a name reflective of the high rank of those who wore it.

Marquise diamonds also have the unique ability to make the ring finger appear more slender. This is because the long lines and narrow points of the marquise shape actually draw the eye lengthwise towards the narrowing tip of the finger.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re shopping for a marquise engagement ring is that this is one shape you absolutely should not buy online.

While we don’t think you should ever buy any diamond sight unseen, marquise can be especially tricky...

When the diamond cut is right, they are magnificent.

But when they’re cut wrong, their symmetry can be off, and that makes the diamond unstable in its mounting, less sparkly to the eye, and can create horrible “bowtie effects” where shadows appear right through the middle of the stone. Ick.

Because the narrow points on a marquise can be liable to chip, this cut is also a little more fragile than other diamond shapes. For all these reasons, marquise are diamonds best bought in person, from a jeweler you trust—and that means finding a jeweler with a lifetime, industry-leading warranty just in case you ever face the heartbreak of a chipped center stone.

While marquise are not as popular as round, cushion, princess, or pear-shaped diamonds, they are every bit as spectacular.

If you want a unique engagement ring with incredible history and fresh, modern design, the marquise diamond is likely the perfect choice for you.

Here are some of our favorite ways to showcase this incredible cut:


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