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Top Engagement Ring Trends

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

In the world of wedding rings, this is a very good year…

All diamond engagement rings are timeless, but sometimes, a fresh new design emerges that is so perfect, so in tune with all things we hold beautiful, that it feels like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and yet, somehow, also feels as though it’s been around forever. That is absolutely true of this year’s top ring styles.

What’s Your Favorite Band?

There are three distinct statements being made in the world of bands, and what can we say? We love them all!

The Skinny

The genius of thin bands is that they make just about any center stone look ginormous! They’re perfect for women who prefer understated glamour, delicate designs, and unfussy, go-with-everything fashion. They’re also fabulously versatile for those who like to wear a variety of other rings around it. Here are some of our favorite skinny-band looks.

Floral Filigree

This design is the Francophile’s dream. It was the predominant style during France’s Gilded Age, Le Belle Époque, when Absinthe and Impressionism were at their height, and Paris’s landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to the famous green art-nouveau subway signs were being born. This style embraces wild femininity and romance. Now that’s true joie de vivre.

Stackable, Interchangeable bands

Stackables are the newest trend to touch engagement rings, and like all the best things in life, they’ve left us wondering how we ever got on without them. Stackables are as versatile as they sound, meaning you can change your stack to go with different ensembles. These aren’t just a ring… they’re a collection; one you’ll never want to stop adding to. Here are some of our favorite stackable ensembles.

Bohemian Rhapsody:

Bohemian influence in ring design is more than a little swoon-worthy.

“Chevron” Ring Designs

Think of these “V” shaped rings like a chandelier for your finger. They are as Instagram-worthy as just about any ring can be, and we are obsessed with the way they practically drip diamonds down your finger. Not only are these rings incredibly unique, whimsical, and feminine, but they have the added bonus of actually making your finger appear leaner, thanks to their clever design.

Roses. Both the Gold, and the Cut.

Rose cut diamonds are among the oldest cuts of any gemstones, anywhere. Despite their pedigree, they disappeared for years, only to be rediscovered by today’s jewelry enthusiasts. If most diamonds sparkle, rose cuts glow. They have a luster that is incomparable to any other diamond shape. If you want to really make a statement, mount your rose-cut diamond in a rose-gold band.

Rose gold is a warm, fresh, girl’s girl kind of metal. It’s highly flattering on all skin tones, and can make even classic designs feel new again.

Fancy-cut Center Diamonds

Fancy-cut diamonds (i.e.: anything but rounds), are becoming more popular across the board, but some shapes continue to outpace other years.

2021 is all about the elongated center stone. Think Pears, Ovals, Marquise, and even Emerald cuts, and it’s easy to see why. Not only will these shapes make a finger appear longer and slenderer, but because of their wide table to width ratio, these shapes simply look bigger for their weight than a round diamond ever will.

Showstopping Classics:

Though these are top trends now, you can be certain they will never, ever, go out of style.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

If you love all things vintage, you’re in luck. Vintage-inspired designs, whether Art Deco, Victorian, or even Georgian in style, are all back in a big way. This allows you to wear the look you love, with a warranty you can’t find on true vintage rings. This is the perfect choice for someone who knows she wants her ring to become an heirloom.

Three-Stone Rings

They say a three-stone ring is meant to symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future.

Maybe that’s why Grace Kelly, Meghan Markle, and even Serena Williams, all chose this iconic style for their engagement rings. Three-stone rings come in all diamond shapes. From Princess to Pears, it’s hard to find a more beautiful arrangement for your forever ring.


Classics are classic for a reason, and so it is with solitaires. The attributes of a solitaire are many: they are easy to pair with stackables or wedding and anniversary bands; they are universally flattering; they look as at home with jeans and a sweater as they do with a ballgown; and perhaps best of all, compared to other mountings, they are relatively inexpensive.

This means you can allocate those extra funds towards your stunning center stone. Our suggestion is to pair a solitaire mounting with a lab-grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are not only eco- and human rights-conscious; they’re also 30-40% less expensive than traditional diamonds. This means you will get the biggest, brightest, most beautiful diamond possible for your solitaire engagement ring.

Modern Love Series:

Hidden Details

Modern ring design is embracing the unexpected, which is no surprise after the year we just had. (Who saw that coming?!) These rings are playful yet sophisticated, and epitomize a modern-chic aesthetic. From hidden halos, to sneaky pave-set diamonds gracing the ring shaft, the newest, fastest-growing trend in engagement rings might just be the element of surprise.


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