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Big or Small, Best of All!

Here are the best ring styles according to diamond size!

While social media has created a steady demand for larger diamonds, delicate engagement rings are also having a major moment.

Believe it or not, not every woman wants a large diamond in her engagement ring. Some women have hands-on jobs that make large diamonds feel impractical or even annoying. Other women simply prefer modern, minimalist designs, or are so fashion-forward, they’d prefer an understated “stackable” piece that can be styled in myriad ways to a statement piece that can seem far less flexible.

So, whether you love a dainty ring, or a chunky center stone, here are the best engagement ring styles for any diamond size.

Daintier Diamonds:

In America, the average engagement ring diamond is around one carat, so anything lighter than that is a prime candidate for these incredible styles!

The truth is, rings that utilize smaller diamonds tend to prioritize design elements over carat weight. That means these styles emphasize creativity, and can often feel even more unique than larger, traditional mountings. Here are the absolute best ways to embrace a daintier diamond.

Bezel Mountings: You know how just framing a picture immediately elevates it? Bezel Mountings are like picture frames for diamonds, and we think they are especially beautiful when they’re calling attention to more delicate stones. Any diamond shape can benefit from a bezel mounting, but rose cut diamonds, with their warm, inviting luster, are especially enchanting in a bezel mounting.

Halos, Pavé, and Baguette Accents: A smaller center stone can withstand flourishes that might skew garish around larger diamonds. Halos add to the center diamond’s sparkle factor, while pavé detailing can make a simple, thin band appear practically crystalline. Baguettes, with their lean, straight lines, offset smaller center diamonds perfectly, and the combinations of these three elements are both limitless and breathtaking.

Marquise and Ovals: If you like the look of a slightly larger diamond but have a career that renders that choice impractical (think--doctors or nurses who are taking gloves on and off all day long), a marquise-shaped diamond or oval-shaped diamond are your perfect match. The elongated lines of these stones make them appear large for their size, and because a perfectly cut marquise or oval will have shallower proportions than other shapes of the same weight, you’ll be able to mount your marquise or oval diamond in a lower profile setting that won’t interfere with your hands-on lifestyle.

Custom: When you design your own ring, the sky is the limit. And when you design your own ring using smaller diamonds, you can combine different diamond shapes to make incredible arrangements. Instead of having just one center stone, you can create a ring with a smattering of sparkles throughout, or you can cluster your various diamonds to create a fresh, unexpected display. We love the way our clients put different diamond shapes to use in this sensational custom ring.

Three Stone Ring: While antique three-stone rings might have featured big, European-cut diamonds in chunky gold mountings, the modern three stone is all about delicate details. Pear-shaped diamonds might surround a cushion-cut center stone, or baguettes might sit either side of an emerald cut diamond. When you’re using smaller diamonds, you have more freedom to mix diamond shapes because diamonds can be set wider apart on a band and can make better use of negative space.

Chunkier Diamonds:

If you have your heart set on a diamond that is more than a carat in weight, you will find plenty of inspiration in these modern takes on timeless ring designs.

Solitaire: If you’re choosing a larger diamond, it only makes sense that you’ll want to emphasize that big, beautiful stone. That’s why solitaires are still unbeatable designs for larger diamonds. But if you think solitaires are boring, think again. For the most modern solitaire look, choose a narrow band that will make your center stone appear even larger. Here are our favorite looks for this classic engagement ring style.

Vintage Styling: Whether you like art deco styles or the nature-inspired flourishes of baroque ring designs, vintage-inspired mountings offer incredible backdrops for large diamonds.

This ring, from our Renaissance collection, is undeniably spectacular.

Large diamonds have always been in vogue, and that means there’s a perfect vintage-inspired mounting for you no matter what diamond shape or era you’ve fallen in love with.

Colored Diamonds: Colored diamonds are undeniably spectacular. They bring a sense of personality and individuality to any ring design. Even in a simple mounting, colored diamonds speak for themselves. We cannot get enough of these yellow, peach, and pink diamonds.

Split Shanks: When you choose a large diamond, you don’t want an overly complicated design that pulls attention away from your stunning center stone. You also may not want something quite as straightforward as the solitaire. Enter the split shank ring. In this design, the band splits, creating an elegant “V” shape that reaches towards your center diamond. The split means the band narrows around your center diamond, and just like with a solitaire, that narrowing will make your already large diamond appear even bigger. We love this style paired with chevron wedding bands.

No matter what your lifestyle or diamond-size preference, there is an engagement ring that will absolutely rock your world. And if you can't find "the one," come let our master goldsmiths design your perfect ring for you. For even more inspiration, head into your local Wedding Day Diamonds store where thousands of rings are available (and sanitized!) for you to try on.


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