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8 Wedding Coverups for Cold Fall Days

Photo Credit: Russell Heeter Photography

If your wedding is fast approaching, then you probably went dress shopping months ago, back when temperatures were soaring and it would have been unfathomable to put on a long-sleeved gown. In fact, over 75% of all wedding dresses sold are strapless, so you if you found yourself smitten by a shoulder-baring style, you aren’t alone.

But now it’s autumn; temperatures are flitting around like the butterflies in your stomach when you think of exchanging vows, and just what are you supposed to do with your skin-baring gown if this October happens to be unseasonably cool?

Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up a crop of the year’s best wedding dress cover-ups, so you can look perfect (and feel cozy), even in a sudden cold snap.

1. The Plaid Shirt

These are so perfect over a long white dress because they look at-home, yet unexpected.

They suffuse your look with an irresistible girl-next door, tomboy quality that says you’re a bride who’s up for anything. Button the shirt part way, tie the bottom, and time your photos to catch that sunset.

2. Denim Jacket

Pale blue is flattering on all skin tones, so a denim jacket is sure to photograph well.

These can be just as cute tailored as they are oversized and loose. Both looks seem effortless and right at home in outdoor pictures. Consider finding a jacket with some crystal or metal detailing to really play up your bridal look.

3. Leather Coat

Leather brings an edgy, rock and roll quality to your gown.

We like brown leathers because of how soft and flattering they look in photographs. If you can find a jacket with fringe sleeves, even better. Fringe is the perfect complement to the flowing design of wedding gowns.

4. Men’s Blazer

You know how you feel on your days off when you lounge around in his t-shirt? Keep that cozy feeling all day long in a masculine-styled blazer.

The clean, tailored lines will look upscale, while your long dress and cascading hair will prevent the look from becoming harsh. A man’s blazer is a study in opposites. Somehow, these pieces really showcase how feminine your look actually is.

5. Kimono Inspired

If you love colorful patterns and light, long, flowing fabrics, the kimono is your answer.

Look for one in a warm, skin-flattering color, and consider bringing it along on your honeymoon, where it will look just as good as a beach coverup. This is one ultra-chic way to ensure extra continuity between your wedding and honeymoon pictures.

6. Classic Cardi's

Whether you love sweet, hip-length 1950’s styles, or loose, nerdy grandpa cardigans with rolled-up sleeves, sweater fabrics are a flattering coverup for any type of wedding dress.

Knits of all types bring a soft, sensual, sophisticated element to your wedding look.

7. The Boho Shawl

Similar to a kimono-inspired wrap, these offer a long, flowing look that bring an ethereal quality to your gown. Because they’re sleeveless, they can be worn in tons of different ways, making them a perfectly flexible accessory for fall’s unpredictable weather.

8. Faux Fur

Fur looks luxe, plain and simple. Whether you favor a bolero or a full vest, fur will keep you cozy without diminishing your dressed-up look. Keep the style loving by choosing a high-quality, animal friendly faux fur.


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