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Fab 5 Gifts for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

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Weddings aren’t only a huge day in the lives of those tying the knot! Your mom and future mother-in-law (or anyone else who filled the role of mom in your life) are probably going to be nearly as emotional as you are on your big day.

mother of the bride and bride. Ethnic Bride

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The people who raised you and saw you through each of your ups and downs are going to be feeling it big-time when you get married, and that’s why mother of the bride and groom gifts are so important; they present an opportunity to have a private moment with the moms on your big day so you can to say thank you and show your new mother-in-law how excited you are to be joining her family.

You want to choose a gift that’s small enough to bring to the wedding venue or getting-ready space, but big on sentiment.

Enter the Fab 5 pendants! Pendants are worn right beside the heart, making them a perfect symbol of your bond. And with so many styles to choose from, you can be sure to find a perfect design for each of the moms on your list.

heart-shaped diamond pendant

Open Heart:

These sterling silver and diamond pendants are the perfect way to commemorate your mom’s open and accepting heart.

three-stone diamond pendant

Drops of Light:

The three trailing diamonds make this necklace a perfect choice for moms and mothers-in-law alike because the trio of diamonds form a nice symbol of her, your partner, and you. This is a subtle and personal way to remind her of just how important she continues to be to you both.

cluster diamond pendant

Northern Star

She’s been a guiding light in your life, and what better way to tell her that than with a northern star necklace? We also love just how effortlessly this necklace layers with others, making it a true everyday piece of jewelry.

solitaire with halo diamond pendant


She’s probably been equal parts hands-on Mom and guardian angel, which is why this solitaire-plus-halo necklace is such a powerful symbol. The single central diamond is also a nice way of telling her just how singularly important she’s been to you.

open circle diamond pendant

May the Circle Be Unbroken

Circles are full of meaning. In various cultures, they represent unity, wholeness, gratitude, and eternity. What better symbol of the bond you feel with your mom than an unbroken circle?

All pendants pictured start at just $195 and come with our industry-leading warranty, meaning these are gifts she’ll treasure forever.


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