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The Best Jewelry for your Wedding Dress

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Between your cascading dress and your swirl of hair, the glowing makeup and your killer shoes, your wedding day look is sure to have plenty of interest... Which is why you don’t want to ruin things with too much jewelry.

Ever seen a Christmas Tree with too many lights? Yeah, you don’t want to look like that…

The one jewelry mistake that some brides make is to try to please too many masters.

Trying to find a place for every important piece, from grandma’s broach to something blue, to that wonderfully-sentimental necklace your fiancé got you back when he was still just your boyfriend, brides sometimes pile it on so as not to leave anything (or anyone) out.

But on your wedding day, your look should be commanding, yet demure, which is really just another way of saying that you should look like you.

Confident? Absolutely.

Fun? You bet.

Flirty? Goes without saying.

Even whimsical is great!

But whatever your style, the key is to find just one or two choice pieces, and let those speak volumes.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to look like you were styled by Jack Sparrow!

And the truth is, wearing too many pieces of jewelry will not only distract from your overall beauty, but may actually age you in your wedding day photos.

So find that perfect dress, and follow our advice for how to accessorize it like a boss. Er, a bride.

If your dress’s neckline is:

1. Strapless, sweetheart, off the shoulder, or sporting one of this year’s hottest trends: detached sleeves…

Then it will look amazing with this:

A “v” shaped bar necklace.

The contour of a “V” shape naturally flatters women’s torsos. From the décolletage to the waistline, this necklace will draw eyes to you, not to it. Like a perfect bra or an incredible perfume, this necklace design is made to enhance what’s there. Understated, sophisticated adornment that sets off your own, natural sparkle.

2. High neck, square, halter or boat (sometimes called bateau):

Then it will be stunning with this:

A straight bar necklace to add some modern appeal to your vintage look.

High necklines are inherently elegant. They are at once classic and girly, regal and modest. Think Audrey Hepburn.

Like the matting surrounding a work of art, high necklines create a clean border to show off your gorgeous face.

A thin, sparkly bar necklace won’t detract from your clean lines, but it will add just enough whimsy to keep your look from being too tidy. In these necklines, you want to look effortless, not Victorian. A bar necklace will bring a free-spirited element to your pinned-up attire.

3. If your dress is nude/pink/champagne, or taupe:

It will look gorgeous with these:

These blushing mid-tones are complemented equally well by yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold accessories, and because these nude-shades are more soft than stark, they need a little coaxing to really dazzle.

Therefore, gowns in these hues really benefit from stackable rings.

By putting some choice stackables on your right hand, you’ll be sure to stand out and sparkle even in your more coy attire.

From dancing with your father to raising a glass of champagne, these rings will bring some gleam to each moment, while still accentuating the nuanced depths of your come-hither-toned dress.

Did we mention how fabulous they’ll look in your photos? Seriously, they sparkle like in a cartoon drawing…

4. If you are wearing the latest bridal trend, a cape:

Then you really shouldn’t be without one of these:

The fluttery opening of a cape will always emphasize a woman’s wrists, so don’t let your wrists peek out unadorned. A bangle bracelet will bring a sophisticated, womanly intrigue to this classically fairy-tale look.

If you’re like most brides, you probably spent a lot of time and consideration choosing that perfect dress: the one that lets you shine.

Don’t let the wrong jewelry steal your show. Find a key piece you love now, and will continue to love hereafter.

If you find that piece from our collection, it will be backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

So come on in and find the wedding day jewelry to complete your look. We can’t wait to see you sparkle.


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