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A Wedding Tradition Worth Keeping

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows how quickly the day can start to feel like it’s really about everyone else.

Whether it’s last minute ordeals with the wedding party or guests getting lost en route to the ceremony, you will be the person getting contacted for every issue that could possibly arise. And let’s face it, the only certainty when gathering 100+ people together, is that issues will arise.

Most couples report going over budget on their wedding, and usually these extra costs occur in the name of meeting other people’s expectations for how your day should be.

This is why the tradition of a bride/ groom gift exchange is so magnificent. It ensures a single moment in the day that is truly just between you and your partner.

It’s a moment to remember why you’ve chosen each other, and what all this hoopla is really about anyways… your love.

A wedding can be so eventful and so demanding that a lot of couples end their big day feeling as though they didn’t have a single second to just stop and enjoy it.

The bride and groom gift exchange is a clever way to guarantee that you’ll both get that calm second together. Many couples say in retrospect that their gift exchange was one of the most meaningful and memorable parts of their whole day.

And thankfully, this tradition is not at all about how much you spend. It’s about giving each other something humble yet lasting, something modest in spend but big on sentiment, to commemorate where, for you, it’s all begun.

Believe it or not, jewelry can be affordable enough to be the perfect #zeroanniversary gift.

Here are our favorite items for him and her.

For the Bride:

1. Solitaire Earrings.

These are a perfect wedding gift. She'll have them forever. They'll go with everything from her dress to her favorite pair of jeans. They are a true everyday piece, and what better way to start your marriage than with a daily reminder of your love? Best of all, solitaires come in so many sizes and shapes that there is honestly a pair for every budget. You absolutely don't have to break the bank to get this type of sparkle.

2. A Diamond Pendant

Think you can't afford to get her a diamond necklace? Think again. This beauty is only $269.

That's not much for something she'll keep (and actually wear!) for the rest of her life.

Diamond pendants never go out of style, and they look equally fabulous standing alone as they do layered. Whether worn against a little black dress, or dangling among other necklaces over her favorite sweater, we bet this is a piece she'll never take off. Not bad, for under $300.

3. A Diamond Tennis Bracelet

So you see a little theme here with diamonds... What can we say? They're forever, and therefore the perfect token with which to begin a marriage.

Besides, diamonds match everything, and the point of this gift is to really offer something she can wear and treasure every day.

This bracelet is admittedly a bit of a splurge, but when you buy a tennis bracelet, you are buying a statement piece. What makes this worth the money (besides all that gorgeous sparkle) is that unlike other expensive statement pieces, this is one she can, and will, wear frequently.

Another perk? By drawing attention to her wrist, you will actually be drawing attention to her hand. These bracelets offset an engagement ring like nothing else. They are the ideal companion to that other big spend...

For the Groom:

1. A Fashion Ring.

Why should his wedding band be the only ring he wears?

Nowadays, there are so many amazing designs and materials being used in mens' rings, that you could absolutely find him an affordable second ring to complement his wedding day look.

These three all cost between $350- $435. They come with a lifetime guarantee (just like your vows), and they are a perfect way to add some edge to his weekend jeans-and-thermal look.

2. A bracelet as masculine as he is.

If your man is the jewelry-wearing type, how about a stainless steel, two-tone bracelet?

From buttoned up to rock and roll, these bracelets add a personalized flair to any look.

They are exactly the type of gift he probably wouldn't buy for himself, and at only $125-240, they are definitely in a comfortable ballpark for you to buy for him.

Like all our jewelry, these, too, have a lifetime guarantee.

3. Get Creative.

If your man isn't the jewelry-type (we know, some men still aren't. It sort of blows our mind.) don't fret!

There are plenty of other great gift options.

How about a special tie to change into for the ceremony? You could even find a matching pocket square to really up his party style. Maybe a new leather wallet, or leather satchel would be just the thing. How about cufflinks engraved with the date of your big day, or his initials, or any other word that triggers a memory of one of your own special, inside jokes.

There are loads of things to get for the man who asks for nothing. Just be sure to either choose something that will become a lasting part of his wedding day memory, or something that will be in heavy rotation in his world after your big day.

Once you’ve decided on the gift, be sure to decide together when and how you’ll give it.

Some couples opt to do a ‘first look’ where they see each other alone, all dolled up in their wedding finery, before anyone else catches a glimpse. It’s like a privileged sneak peek.

A first look will probably have you both feeling like kids who are getting away with something naughty, and that makes it a fabulous time to exchange your couple’s gifts.

Other couples use a messenger, usually the best man and maid of honor, to deliver each other’s gift. If you go this route, be sure to have someone who is cell-phone ready so you can see pictures of your partner’s reaction after the big day is over.

We’ve also seen couples that arrange to stand back-to-back on opposite sides of a door or changing screen. This allows them to be present to hand their gifts directly to one another, and it has the added benefit of letting each person hear their partner’s reaction while still not breaking the “don’t see each other before the ceremony” tradition.

Our recommendation?

Exchange your gifts in whatever way you see fit, but don’t skip this tradition all together. Have tissues, your photographer, and maybe a little champagne at the ready.

With all the busyness of the day ahead, you’ll be glad to have claimed at least one moment to yourselves.


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