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Celebrate You: The Jewelry to Buy For Yourself

Woman wearing diamond pendant, stackable rings, and sterling silver bracelet

Why wait for someone else to make your jewelry dreams come true?


A couple of generations back, jewelry was seen as a gift-only industry. But as women have become more independent, they’ve begun to buy themselves jewelry in record numbers. We love this trend and are totally onboard to encourage women to mark their own milestones with the self-love gift of jewelry. There’s something really empowering about saying yes to yourself and commemorating yourself.


So, whether you are celebrating your birthday, Mother’s Day, a job promotion, or just your general awesomeness, jewelry is one of the most enduring gifts you can give yourself.


From $100 to $10k+, here are the pieces to buy for yourself.


Paperclip Jewelry to Buy for Yourself

Both feisty and classic, paperclip-inspired chains are ageless layering pieces that are perfect for you to buy for yourself.


14k gold 10 carat mixed shape diamond tennis bracelet

A Cut-Above Tennis Bracelet

Commit to yourself with an incredible power piece.

14k gold 10 carat mixed shape diamond tennis bracelet

Fabulous Five Necklaces

These guiltless beauties offer personal style, endless layering, and just enough bling to celebrate you, no matter your budget.


Stackable Rings

Start a collection by picking out a new one each time you achieve a personal milestone.


stackable diamond rings
Stackables: Beginning at $331

Diamond Stud Earrings

Studs are an essential piece of every complete jewelry wardrobe. You’ll feel as dazzling as you are when you frame your face with stunning lab grown diamond stud earrings.


Studs: Beginning at $159

Fashion Bands and Cocktail Rings

You don’t have to be engaged to wear a diamond ring!


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