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Are You A Pet Parent? Here’s How to Include Your Fur Babies at Your Wedding...

Hutton House, Lesbian Wedding, Gay Wedding, Bulldogs, Dogs at Wedding, Pets at Wedding, Mutt of Honor, Two Brides
Photo Credit: Russell Heeter Photography Venue: Hutton House

Having your furry companion beside you at your wedding really can make the day feel that much more complete… especially in the COVID-induced era of small, intimate weddings. Not only will a pet maximize the cute-factor on your big day, but having your companion present can actually help reduce your stress, providing you’ve planned for it, and ticked a few boxes first.

Necessary Pet-parations:

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Photo Credit: LC Photography
  • Clear it with your venue. If possible, bring your pet to the location in advance so they aren’t quite as over-stimulated day of.

  • If you’re having your wedding in your home, make sure your pet’s water and food station isn’t moved day of. They need to know where they can retreat to for those little cat-naps.

  • Let your photographer know, and plan a few specific pet-pics in advance.

  • Plan in advance which parts of the ceremony and reception you’ll have your pet present for.

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Photo Credit: Studio Twelve Photography
  • Hire a trusty pet-sitter. Maybe it’s your niece, or maybe it’s a pro, but either way, you need to know your little guy is cared for all day so that that you can relax and enjoy your human guests, too. This pet-sitter will also be able to give your pets breaks from the action if it all becomes too much for them.

  • Give guests a heads up. This is about preparing guests who may have allergies for even doggie-related phobias.

  • Don’t groom your animal the day before. Pets need a moment to adjust post-grooming.

kissing couple, wedding couple, wedding couple with dog, couple kissing dog, spaniel, wedding dog
Photo Credit: Studio Twelve Photography
  • Make sure their paws are clean before you take pictures of your adorable friend standing on your train…

  • Bring plenty of accessory options (bowties, wreaths, booties) in case your pet suddenly becomes choosy.

  • Bring treats. So. Many. Treats.

Once you’ve made all the preparations, you’re ready for the fun part… planning your pet’s part in your big day. Here are Eight of the Most Adorable Ways to Feature Your Pet at Your Wedding:

As Part of Your Wedding Party

A well trained pet, (or a pet on a lead) can make an excellent ring bearer, flower girl substitute, Mutt-of-Honor, or pal to accompany you down the aisle, in effect, giving you away. If your pet can walk a straight line without too much distraction, (or can reliably follow a trail of small treats) then your pet might just be perfect in your wedding party.

In Your Getting Ready Photos

There's nothing like the love of a calm pet (or two) to help keep you relaxed during the getting ready frenzy.

In Your Private, Couple Photos

Including your pets in your private photos ensures you'll have amazing, lasting images that truly show what your family looked like the day you said "I do."

Lesbian Brides, Gay Wedding, Gay Brides, Bulldogs at Wedding, Pet at Wedding, Dog Wedding Photos, Kissing Brides, Fireplace, Wedding Venue, Hutton House, Bulldogs
Photo Credit: Russell Heeter Photography Venue: Hutton House
Photo Credit: Sophisticated Grace Photography Venue: Hutton House

On Your Drink Menu

As Part of Your Groomsmen Gifts or Bridesmaid Swag

Whether it's cufflinks for groomsmen, or adorable barrettes for bridesmaids, a

pet-cessory is the best way to keep them with you all day long.

As Part of Your Table Decor or Seating Chart

You can give each table its own, unique pet photo, or you can have an artist do a custom rendition. Either option brings the perfect touch of whimsy to a formal decor.

On Your Invitations

Hand-drawn invites are super-popular, and give you maximum creativity to include, or even feature, your pet. This is a great way to let guests know to expect to see a furry friend at your wedding.

On your Cake

Cake toppers are cool, but this is one way to sneak your pet (and a ton more personality) into your cake design...

Wedding Cake, Dog Wedding Cake Topper, Wedding Cake Decor, Pet at Wedding, Jenny Demarco Photography
Photo Credit: Jenny Demarco Photography


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