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2023’s Hottest Jewelry Trends

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We might be fresh into 2023, but we are already seeing clear trends in what women want from their fashion jewelry this year.

This is the Year of the Rabbit, and women are showing strong preferences for pale metals such as white gold and silver. They want pieces they can layer, whether that’s necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even earrings. And if you are in the market for diamonds, 2023’s Earth Mamas have spoken: lab grown diamonds are trending white hot. These cruelty-free, planet-friendly beauties are, by far, the most-loved diamonds on the market today.

Here are the most coveted jewelry looks of 2023...

White Gold and Silver

Winter-white metals are in high demand, and it's no wonder why. They look fresh and bright in all seasons, and the cool tones can make diamonds appear whiter and brighter too.


For necklaces, look for a combination of lengths. Mixing metals works great, but usually the look works best when the individual chains are similar thicknesses. Choose one pendant to be the focal point, and let your other necklaces frame that!

Ring layering is effortlessly chic thanks to stackables.

Bangles create a perfect layered bracelet vibe. You can even mix bangles with a classic tennis bracelet to "dress down" the diamonds into a casual everyday look.

We're even seeing layered earrings, which we love. Pair huggies with a stud, or go for a huggie up high and a drop earring in the lower hole.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

What is not to love about lab-grown diamonds? They're Earth friendly, cruelty free, responsibly sourced, and 30-50% less expensive than comparable mined diamonds. They are, quite simply, the best diamond option on the market today. From engagement rings to fashion jewelry, life is just brighter with lab-grown diamonds.


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