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2023 Top Engagement Ring Trends

The year has just begun, and already we are seeing some pronounced preferences in the styles of engagement rings brides are wanting in 2023.

This year, it’s really about the elongated diamond shapes. We love this for so many reasons.

  1. Long diamonds make fingers appear longer and slenderer.

  2. Long diamonds look larger for their size than round brilliant diamonds do. (Just compare this 1 carat round to this 1 carat marquise.)

  3. Long diamonds bring incredible, personal flair to your overall bridal stack.

Here are the three hottest long diamond shapes for 2023, and some of our favorite mounting styles to showcase these amazing diamonds:

Emerald cuts

The straight lines of emerald cut diamonds are perfect for showing off the clarity of the diamond. This diamond shape brings highly structured, art-deco style to any ring.

Styles pictured (top to bottom, left to right): 5-stone, split shank, rose gold pave, three-stone pave


Marquise cuts

Oh the glamour! Marquise make a statement, even when mounted as a solitaire. (Their long lines also make them the top shape for making a ring finger appear longer and more slender.)

Styles pictured (top to bottom, left to right ): solitaire, halo and pave, white gold pave, three stone pave


Oval diamonds

Oval diamonds have a lushness that's hard to resist. Their soft long lines are inherently feminine. Ovals look as amazing in classic mountings as they do in ultra romantic, modern, or bohemian styles.

Styles Pictured, (top to bottom, left to right): channel-set, five stone, three stone, three stone pave, vintage-inspired, hidden halo with pave, east-west bezel set, pink diamond three stone pave



By the way, when we’re talking about long diamonds, let’s not forget baguettes!

Baguettes are long rectangular diamonds that are used as side stones. Beautiful baguettes have an unfussy look that brings clean, bright clarity to your ring's design.

These beauties are having a major moment. Here are some of our favorite mountings with baguette diamonds:


Three-Stone Rings

The one caveat to the long diamond trend is the classic, romantic three-stone ring . These are already proving to be very popular in 2023 and for good reason!

Three stone engagement rings can feature absolutely any diamond shape, so long as all three diamonds complement each other. This ring style has a long and royal history (even Meghan Markle wears a three-stone engagement ring; her side diamonds come from the late Princess Diana’s collection.)

Three stone rings are fantastic for brides who want a little more bling, who are drawn to deco-era design, or who want to add a pop of color to their engagement ring (since side stones are a great way to include sapphires, emeralds, etc. in ring design).

Here are some of the most popular ways to wear three-stone rings in 2023:


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