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Propose Like a Boss this Valentine’s Day

10% of all couples in the US get engaged on Valentine’s Day, and that makes perfect sense! The day is literally dedicated to love. So how do you make a Valentine’s Day proposal feel entirely your own?

Use the day, but don’t rely on it... Here are some tips to help make even a traditional Valentine’s Day proposal feel entirely unique.

Pick the Perfect Location

The best proposals happen in places that feel either very familiar, or very exceptional.

Familiar spaces create a sense of intimacy and authenticity–this sort of setting lets you use your proposal to recognize and embrace the life you’re already making together.

Exceptional settings tend to be forward-looking. They’re a reach–something you can’t do every day. For that reason, they’re more like an enthusiastic gaze into your future life together than they are a meditation on your present. Either creates a fantastic sentiment for a proposal!

With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to get engaged this Valentine’s Day

Make a Dinner Date Proposal Unique

If you love to dine out on Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to do the standard dinner proposal, consider choosing a restaurant with a Valentine’s Day tasting menu instead.

Then, write a series of cards to be served at each course. The cards could be just one line each. You could break a favorite poem or song's lyrics into many cards. The important thing is that you let the last one pop your question. This is a great way to amplify the mood throughout the night, and it will help make a traditional setting feel highly personal.

Similarly, many of the area’s best restaurants are offering romantic dinner kits to make at home. This means you can wow your partner by cheffing it up like a pro while creating an environment that is entirely your own. Proposing at home has a lot of perks. It’s intimate, and it turns your everyday environment into a reminder of this magical moment.

Click here for a list of just some of the restaurants doing tasting menus and dinner kits this Valentine’s Day.

Make a Show of It

Whether you’re into theater, jazz, drag shows, stand-up comedy, or music concerts, plenty of spaces are hosting Valentine’s Day entertainment. We recommend making the exact outing a surprise and proposing just before the show starts. That will make the rest of the evening feel like a celebration of your own exciting news.

This is a phenomenal way to propose if you plan to take immediate pictures. If your partner is the type who’d like to be dressed up and wearing makeup in the photos of this moment, a show is a sure-fire way to make sure she’s camera ready without ruining the surprise.

Get Outside

Whether you are into snowshoeing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, or a simple walk to the dog park, the winter landscape is unmistakably stunning, quiet, and serene, making it the perfect place for her to hear your every loving word. If you decide to propose outside in the brisk winter air, make sure your adventure takes you somewhere warm and cozy after! This way she can take off those mittens and enjoy her amazing new bling.

No matter where you decide to pop the question, you’ll need the perfect ring. We have thousands to choose which means we have the ideal ring for every style and budget. And all our rings are backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. And with hundreds of ready-to-wear styles available, you can choose her ring this weekend, and have it in your pocket in time for Valentine’s Day. So come on in. This February, we can’t wait to help you get engaged.


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