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We’re Hot and Heavy for this Wedding Trend

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

If you thought velvet was only for making your grandmother’s curtains, think again. It is mid-summer and that makes it the perfect time to reconsider this stunning fabric.

Once belonging only to the bleak days of winter, velvet is now appearing at weddings in all seasons and climates, and it’s easy to see why.

The fabric is effortlessly chic. It’s an ultra-affordable way to bring depth, modern textural interest, and subtle sensuality to your wedding decor.

The fabric is both sumptuous and regal, and therefore looks just as at home on a windswept beach as it does in a formal ballroom.

Here are our favorite ways to use velvet, no matter what time of year you’re big day is!


You may get a balmy day with blissfully moderate temperatures, or you may get a grey and blustery sky.

Either way, a velvet sofa photo op is the perfect way to play up the atmosphere.

Velvet sofas are common thrift store finds. If possible, choose one in a dusky or quirky hue. Gold, rose, and even chartreuse all look perfect in spring, and to really step things up, consider adding a velvet ribbon of the same shade to your groomsmen’s boutonnieres, or a velvet bow to your flower girls’ hair.

photo credits: Ben Q. Photography, Taralynn Lawton Photography, BWright Photography, Polly Alexandre Photography, LovebySusie


Use velvet’s natural shimmer to emulate water, sand or dappled sunshine. Go for blue, aqua, bone, or yellow velvet. Introduce the fabric as a table runner, or an unexpected drape of velvet over the entire wedding party table.

Photo Credit: Laura Goldenberger

The key to using velvet in summer is to let it be effortless. Allow it to bunch and cascade over surfaces, and accentuate your velvet with sparse summery décor. Succulents, seashells, flowers and various shapes of clear glass all work well.


The harvest is a time of plenty so choose a ridiculously rich, vibrant hue and use it everywhere.

The idea here is to let your velvet accents be as assertive as summer’s last rays. Do a velvet drape on the cake table. Use velvet napkins for your guests. Wrap your bouquet in velvet ribbon. Velvet streamers are a great way to display seat assignments, and the Internet is full of velvet guest books that are sure to inspire little love letters from your friends and family.

Think of your velvet accents like fallen leaves, and let their magic fend off winter for just a little longer.


Keep your tootsies warm in daring velvet pumps, or act too cool to care in beige, velvet booties. Either way, pair your wedding day look with velvet, and enjoy the photographic drama that only this stark, minimalist season can create.

Photo Credits: above- Olivia Strohm, below middle- Greg Finck


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