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White Bridesmaid Dresses

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

How to rock this trend and still be the fairest of them all…

White bridesmaid dresses are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why.

A true, crisp white is a universally flattering shade: it will look just as good on all your gals, regardless of their skin tones, hair colors and body shapes.

It will also give your wedding a clean, timeless appeal. While colors can go in and out of style, white never does. It is always “in,” which means by choosing white bridesmaid dresses, you are ensuring that your wedding photos will age well, too.

But those aren’t the only perks to going with white for your bridesmaids’ palette. Choosing white for their dresses will actually make every other decision less consequential. This is because there literally isn’t a single color that clashes with white, which means when it comes to choosing wedding flowers, alter décor, and groomsmen attire, you can’t go wrong. Everything and anything will look good next to white.

So how you do nail this trend without having your bridesmaids look like brides?

The key is fabrics, details, and silhouettes. Here are our favorite ways to rock this trend!

If your wedding is black tie…

Pay special attention to their dresses’ silhouettes. We recommend putting your bridesmaids in long gowns that all share a uniform, striking detail.

A high slit, a plunging back, or a small, puddling train will all look perfectly elegant yet restrained.

If your dress is one fabric throughout, such as silk or satin, consider putting your bridesmaids in a beaded number. Their glint will actually appear slightly more casual than your commanding, statement-making white.

If your wedding is casual or backyard style…

Photo Credit: JoPhoto

Consider white dresses that invoke a playful era. Tea length gowns with ultra-feminine fifties silhouettes can be all kinds of fun.

Short, sundress styles can also look perfect.

For the casual wedding, it’s not necessary that every bridesmaid wears the same dress, but their dresses should definitely match one another. Don’t let one come in a jersey fabric and the other in gauze. Whatever level of casual you have, be sure to keep it uniform across all your girls.

If your wedding is beach, barn or boho:

Look to lace, wispy gauze, and statement-making accessories. Mix up dress lengths, but be sure that all the dresses share a common theme. Then, unite your mix-and-match crew with a repeating design element such as flower crowns, choicely placed ruffles, feathers or even cowboy boots.

For these weddings, we recommend dresses whose silhouettes range from bias to flowing.

Anything too figure-hugging will work against your earth-mama aesthetic.

For an added bonus:

Have your bridesmaids don the “something blue.”

Whether it’s an aquamarine pendant, a turquoise bracelet, or a blue ribbon belt, the spot of blue will definitely set them apart from you, and supplying each lady with an element of blue will make shopping for your bridesmaid’s gifts oh-so-fun and easy. Here are some great pieces to inspire your hunt!


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