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Make Your Wedding A Charitable Affair

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We all know weddings cost a fortune. What if you could offset some of that cost by making your wedding a charitable affair?

It turns out there are loads of ways that your wedding can benefit the less fortunate. Here are some of the top ways to make your wedding an even more loving day…

Book a Nonprofit Space for Your Venue.

You’ll still pay a fee to throw your wedding there, but that fee will be going to a great cause. Many museums, historical sites, libraries, botanical gardens and even some old theaters are now run as non-profits. A little creativity here will not only create an amazing, unique atmosphere for your big day; it can also save you quite a bit come tax time. Usually, when you rent a nonprofit space, the rental fee is tax deductible.

Give Your Flowers A Second Life

Hospitals and Nursing Homes will seldom refuse a chance to use your day-old flowers to brighten up their own décor. Arrange this in advance, though, so they know when to expect your big delivery.

Because memory is more linked to scent than to any of our other senses, Memory Centers are especially touching places to donate your blooms. Who knows what recollections your flowers could bring forth?

Feed the Hungry

There are entirely safe, legal ways to donate leftovers from your wedding. Whether you are doing a series of grazing tables, or a sit-down dinner, there are bound to be leftovers. Why send them to the dump, when they could be a welcomed, nourishing meal for someone less fortunate? Local shelters and soup kitchens are great potential donation points. Just be sure to make arrangements in advance so all the food is transported safely.

Donate Your Wedding Dress

There are loads of organizations that are looking for donated wedding dresses. Some organizations, like Brides Across America, give wedding dresses to brides-to-be who may not be able to afford a dress on their own. BAA offers their dresses exclusively to military brides. Other organizations, like Brides Against Breast Cancer, sell your donated gown and use the proceeds to support a cause.

While You’re At It, Get Your Bridesmaids On Board

Bridesmaid dresses are not the monstrosities they once were. Modern styling means a lot of these dresses are cute enough to be worn again and again. The Glass Slipper Project is just one organization making sure that happens. They give gently worn bridesmaid gowns to underprivileged high school girls, so that no one has to forego prom just because they can’t afford a dress.

Stock Your Wedding Bar with ONEHOPE Wine

ONEHOPE Wine works with a whole host of causes from saving endangered animals to funding literacy and arts education. Whether you’re passionate about healthcare, the environment, women’s rights or veterans, there’s a cause backed by ONEHOPE Wine that you could get behind. Who knew that drinking just a little more wine could provide a school uniform to a child in need? We’ll cheers to that!

Donate Your Dishes

If you are going the boho route of supplying your own, mismatching dishware, rather than keep far more plates than you could ever use, consider donating your dinnerware to a Refugee Resettlement Organization. These organizations are frequently in need of basic supplies. If shipping dishes seems inaccessible, check with your local shelters. Very often, safe-houses or shelters designed to get families back on their feet will be happy to pass your plates to people in need.

Don’t Forget to Give Thanks

Did you know that you could purchase cards straight from UNICEF? How about Cards for Causes? By purchasing Thank You Notes from these organizations, you are giving even when you’re thanking. It’s hard to get more charitable than that.


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