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Wedding DIYs to Do, and to Ditch

The reasons for DIY wedding projects are abundant.

Maybe you have a picture-perfect idea of exactly how you want a single element of your big day to look, and you are not about to leave that to chance...

Maybe you have experience in some aspect of wedding décor, and you want to (and should!) show off your skills...

Maybe you simply want to save money, and feel that you’re probably crafty enough to pull a few simple DIYs off...

Perhaps, because it’s your wedding, you just want to do it your way, and DIYing is a perfect way to avoid generic wedding fads.

Whatever your reason, we say more power to you.

BUT, too big a bite from that DIY bug can leave you itching for a way out. Taking on too many projects can have you feeling overwhelmed, and the more racing around you leave for yourself , the less opportunity you’ll have to really enjoy your big day.

So, with that in mind, here are some great (money saving) DIYs to try, and those to kiss goodbye!


1. Favors!

If you’re going to have them at all, choose something non-perishable and do them yourself, WAY in advance of your actual wedding day. Have some girlfriends or relatives over and make a real event out of it. This is a perfect way to save some some money and get everyone in the wedding mood!

2. Design Invitations or Create an RSVP Page Online

Traditional, extravagant wedding invitations are one of those details that come with a huge price tag, and considering that they all end up in the trash eventually, that cost can be hard to swallow.

Nowadays, there are enough templates to design your own stunning invites, and enough affordable office stores to print them well. Or, save some trees and just make a wedding website with an online RSVP instead.

Both are great options for DIYing, and you'll be amazed by how pro your invite can look by simply using a good, high quality photograph and some complementary fonts!

3. Batch Cocktails.

Batched cocktails can be made days in advance. Many recipes actually improve when the flavors have had time to meld. Just be sure to leave any sliced fruit, carbonated mixers, or herb garnishes out of the mix until the day of. Stick to alcohol and fruit juices for your “in advance” prep.

4. Your Seating Chart Display.

Photo Credit: Danielle Poff Photography

This is another one of those high-impact elements that can cost a lot if you commission someone else to do it. And yet, there are a million incredibly beautiful ways to display your seating assignments that will cost next to nothing to create.

Not only can seating displays be made months in advance (causing no additional stress on your big day), but they are one feature of your wedding décor that every single guest is sure to see, which means your extra effort won’t be wasted here.


1. Cook, or make your cake.

Obviously, there are exceptions: if you are a pro, or if your wedding is very small or very casual, maybe it will make sense to do your own cooking. Most of the time, however, these tasks will dominate your attention and actually prevent you from being able to enjoy your guests on your big day. Transporting food and/or cake is a whole other beast worth considering.

If you want to avoid catering costs, consider hiring a food truck, going with buffet tables, or putting a call out for some young chefs who are looking to gain experience in their field. All those options will save you a lot, without adding any stress to your plate.

2. Create Your Own Flower Arrangements

Flowers are already beautiful, so it’s easy to see why so many people feel capable of arranging their own. If you are only doing a few live displays, maybe this stays in the camp of DIY-able projects.

The trouble with flowers, however, isn’t one of ability... of course you CAN make your own arrangements and of course they will be stunning. The trouble is time. Flowers need to be cut last minute so that they stay looking fresh all day long. You won’t want to create your displays more than one day in advance, and your finished arrangements will need to be stored in a refrigerator.

Then, you’ll still be left finding a way to transport all those fragile, easily jostled stems to the venue.

Considerations like these make flowers a pretty fussy job to take on in the 11th hour.

3. Table Décor & Centerpieces

Okay, there’s a caveat here.

If you have people you trust who can get to the reception space early, and if you’ve been able to show them what you want in advance, then go for it!

But, you won’t want to miss getting those perfect sunset couples pictures because you’re too busy running around setting tables.

Again, if a DIY will add stress on your actual wedding day, it may be one to avoid.

4. Lighting.

Candle Fees may seem excessive. Running around in your dress lighting all those candles will feel excessive.

If you are doing an outdoor event and using string lights, you’ll definitely want to hire someone.

Again, this is one of those you could do yourself. You’re fully capable, but the risks outweigh the cost. Getting candle wax on your dress is a bummer. Falling off a ladder, and missing your first dance because you are on your way to the hospital to get a cast… that’s more than just a bummer.

That’s devastating.

Let this be one of those “bite the bullet” costs. Besides, people who run the venue will already know what sort of lighting works best, and so trusting them with this task will pay off big in your wedding photos.

For us, effective wedding DIY comes down to this: if a job can be done weeks in advance, go for it! If it’s the sort of task that you’ll have to do the day of or the day before, strike it.


When your wedding day arrives, you’re going to want to feel relaxed and carefree with a glass of bubbly in your hand. At that moment, when you look around, you’ll be so glad to see all the things you don’t have to do yourself…


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