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Vintage-By-Era Ring Guide

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

So you know you love the look of vintage, and you’ve already done enough research to understand that vintage-inspired rings (which come with a lifetime warranty) are a much safer purchase than true vintage.

But “vintage” is a broad category… one that covers a ton of different styles. So while vintage-inspired rings of all eras don their own specific, thoughtful details, the term “vintage” is so vague that finding the ring style you’re after can feel like searching for that proverbial needle in a haystack.

All too often, when couples struggle to find the vintage style they’re after, the problem isn’t availability, it’s language.

More than likely what comes to your mind when you talk about a vintage-inspired ring is different than what comes to your partner’s mind. And that will be different than what comes to your salesperson’s mind. And the thing is, you’ll all be right. You’ll just be caught in different eras.

Which is why we’ve created this handy Vintage-By-Era guide.

Not only will you discover exactly what vintage-style is right for you; you’ll also learn how to find it.

You know that whole needle in a haystack thing? Yeah, it becomes a lot easier once you have a magnet…


Victorian rings were inspired by the confluence of romance, wonder and mourning. Everything about them is tinged with notions of eternity.

The Victorian Period was a time of love-struck poets, of awe-inspiring industrialization, of astronomical breakthroughs and Darwin’s Origin of Species. Society and our understanding of our place and role in the universe were changing in incomprehensible ways, and rings of this period reflect that sense of dreamy wonder.

Victorian rings are lush with romantic details.

Named for Queen Victoria, one of England’s longest reigning monarchs, (a woman who famously mourned the death of her husband for over 40 years!) rings of this era flaunt the kind of everlasting details fit for a royal.

Victorian rings were typically made of yellow gold. Very often a cluster of diamonds surrounded their center stones. If you love the look of modern halo rings, you probably share Victoria’s impeccably good taste.

These rings very frequently have details that conjure up images of nature, from flowers to serpents to wave-like lines cresting towards a center stone, the natural world was a source of awe that made its way into ring design. Rings of this era were also commonly inscribed. Initials, pet names, dates and even romantic symbols such as hearts were common tropes in these ring’s designs.

When colored stones made their way into Victorian jewelry, the colors tended to be rich, sumptuous, wine-like shades. Believe it or not, even black stones such as onyx were prevalent in Victorian design.

Some people speculate this is due to Victoria’s extended period of mourning. No matter what the reason, we think black diamonds are a very cool, unexpected way to bring Victorian style to your ring.

Think Victorian might be right for you? Here are some of our favorite Victorian-inspired engagement rings:


In this case, the apple fell far from the tree.

If Victoria favored yellow gold, her son, Edward VII, was all about platinum.

Rings of his era needed to be made of the absolute strongest metal they had because their metalwork was unbelievably intricate.

The metal design in these rings was so detailed it’s often described as being “lace-like.” Don’t be fooled by “Edward” being a man’s name; Edwardian rings are in many ways the height of classic femininity.

Like his mother, rings of Edward’s era often had a cluster of diamonds supporting the center stone. Bezel mountings were also very popular because of how they allowed that incredible metalwork to be on display.

If you adore romantic details, and are more into silver tones than gold, Edwardian styles might be your muse.

These are some of the Edwardian-inspired rings we love best!

Art Deco

If when you think of vintage you think of The Great Gatsby, then Art Deco is the era for you.

In the 1920’s, it became common for women to chop their long hair and it seems a lot of the more delicate qualities that were associated with womanhood were left on the chopping block, too.

Art Deco rings, while still detailed, display entirely different types of details than anything that came before.

Bold, structural lines, like those used by architects, replaced the curly-cues and intricately carved floral patterns of yesteryear.

Diamonds became more adventurous. While rounded shapes were popular in every era, Art Deco rings began to showcase more square, asscher, and marquise shaped diamonds. Side stones brightened up. Rubies and emeralds were popular choices.

Women of this era weren’t pansies. They were flappers: they partied alongside men. They rebuked antiquated societal pressures to be coy, and they dressed in shorter gowns, cut for the spotlight.

These women weren’t afraid to be seen and to let their styles make a statement. Rings of this period reflect their bold confidence.

Maybe that is why in today’s #metoo movement, Art Deco rings continue to be some of the most popular vintage-inspired styles out there.

If you want a wedding ring that doubles as statement jewelry, there is no doubt that Art Deco is where you should look. Here are some of our favorite homages to 1920’s flair:

The beauty of vintage-inspired rings is that you get all the timeless details you love, but you get to have them your way. If you want Victoria’s style, but you want it in white gold, that’s no problem!

Today’s vintage-inspired rings take the best traits of each original era, and combine them with modern structural integrity so you can get exactly what you want.

Not only are your options limitless, your vintage-inspired ring will be backed by a lifetime warranty. (Not even Edward or Victoria had one of those!)

So come on in and play dress-up in our vintage-inspired collections. We can’t wait to find the style that’s right for you!


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