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Re-Purpose and Re-Wear Your Wedding Wardrobe. (We'll show you how...)

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Photo credit: @celisiastanton

The big day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to be over!

Nowadays, fashion has fewer rules than ever before, and that means there are innumerable ways to make bridal style into everyday couture. Not only will re-purposing your wedding attire soften the blow of the big spend; it will also give new life to your wardrobe staples!

Go ahead. Try a project or two. Your closet will thank you.

1. The Veil = A Skirt

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Photo credit: @celisiastanton

Okay, unless it’s Halloween you probably won’t get to wear a veil again. But that is no reason not to don that beautiful sheer fabric again! Tulle skirts transition seamlessly from the office to the dance floor, and that lightweight fabric makes dying it a cinch. Instructions can be found all over YouTube. Here are our favorite ways to wear tulle:

2. The Skirt = A Handbag

It can be hard to find another opportunity to wear a floor length white skirt. Color can be the biggest obstacle to actually re-wearing your dress. You could die it, but even then you are reliant on a black tie function to pull out your old gown. Our solution? Make a great handbag (or a few!)

From clutches to Boho bags, wedding fabric adds a wow factor to ordinary outfits. Here’s some inspiration for you:

3. The Belt = A Strap

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Okay, you could keep your belt as a belt and wear it over everything from LBDs to sweater dresses. But, playing off that purse idea, you could also make one amazing strap.

Rather than attaching it to one of the bags you made above, go for the unexpected! Pair it with leather, or even a duffle to make an amazing weekender.

If you’re artsy, consider making it into an incredible guitar strap!

4. The Lace Overlay = A Beach Cover-up

Here’s a way to take your dress right into the honeymoon! Separate the lace from the lining, shorten it, and get creative.

You could add a draw cord to that plunging V-neck, or side slits to loosen a mermaid cut. You could even add bell sleeves or create a hood using material from the length of the gown.

The options are endless.

5. The Dress = Lingerie

How often do you have wedding dress-grade material lying around? Take it to a good tailor and have it made into one-of-a-kind lingerie. If you’re gown was structured to begin with, go for a special occasion bra and panty set. If you had a Boho style dress, consider having it made into a sleep shirt and shorts or a bodysuit instead.

And no matter which projects you choose, keep your scraps! Even small pieces of fabric can make gorgeous patches to spruce up an ordinary jean jacket or a boring pair of ballet flats.

Your wedding day will always be one of the best memories of your life. It was a day when you felt cherished, celebrated, and truly beautiful. Reworking your wedding wardrobe is a way to carry those feelings with you long after the big day.

After all, your life isn’t collecting dust. Why should your dress be?

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