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Micro Wedding, Major Luxe

You’re saving a lot of money on your smaller headcount, and that means there might be room in the budget to really spoil those guests who are coming. So what splurges are actually worth it? These are the big-ticket items that will make the most impact on your special day...

Hire a Private Chef

Forget basic catering. If your headcount is small enough to gather everyone at one table, how about working with one of your favorite chefs to design a multi-course tasting menu wedding dinner.

This might just be our favorite splurge of all because this doesn’t just impact the quality of the food—it completely changes the atmosphere of your evening.

How often do you get the chance to have all your favorite people together at once? A tasting meal wedding dinner encourages your guests to slow down and spend some quality hours together. That is an opportunity you may never get again, and it’s definitely one you won’t regret.

Bonus... Ask the chef (or a favorite mixologist) to pair wines or specialty cocktails with each course, too!

Gift Yourself (and your Guests) an Extraordinary Venue

If you are throwing your tiny wedding in your own yard, then now might be the perfect time to gift yourselves that pergola you’ve been wanting for years. Or, you can completely overhaul your space with rentals from Style Society. Whether you want an outdoor lounge, a bar, or simply a statement-making table, they'll make an at-home venue spectacular.

If you aren’t marrying at home, why not rent a boat or even a luxury cabin so you can turn your wedding day into a wedding weekend? A smaller guest list means you can probably rent one luxury vacation property that is large enough to house all of you. This allows you to pace your wedding and include all kinds of special events.

Morning breakfast on the lawn? Afternoon tea? A sunset boat ride? Fill your weekend with the best of what your location offers, and give your guests a much-appreciated sense of R & R.

Buy Wedding “Favors”

flower wine toppers

Forget initialized after-dinner mints. If only your nearest and dearest people are gathering with you, create a goodie bag with things they’ll actually use on your wedding day or wedding weekend.

For the women in your group, how about a piece of jewelry they’ll keep forever and will always remind them of your big day? We love a fun, adult play on friendship bracelets. “Something blue” earrings are a perfect choice, too. Ask every lady to wear her special earrings to your wedding breakfast or high tea, and they’ll become a gorgeous, unifying detail in the wedding pictures.

For the men in your group… how about purchasing a rare barrel of bourbon and gifting each guest a bottle from your own private selection? Go one step further and design a personalized label or put them in commemorative decanters for your big day.

Silk robes, monogrammed blankets, upscale candles, and engraved pieces, like ice buckets or champagne flutes, all make fantastic gifts too.

Hire a *Top* Photographer

Photo Credit: Janelle Elise Photography

A micro wedding allows you to enter a whole different realm of wedding photography. You’ll be swapping silly posed shots and group dancing scenes for true intimacy. A good photographer will capture the atmosphere of your day (or weekend) with a collection of images and portraits that you and your guests will treasure for the rest of your lives.

A great photo can become a family heirloom all on its own, and that’s why hiring the right photographer is always 100% worth it.

Get Thoughtful, Personal, and Abundant with Décor

If you’re throwing a smaller wedding, you likely have a smaller space to decorate. That means your decorating budget can already go further. Focus on personalized details, and wow-worthy flowers displays. Turn a lawn into a secret garden, and a lakeside into an everlasting golden hour. If you’re renting a weekend property, sprinkle personalized details throughout so even your guests’ quiet moments are graced with celebration.

There’s no question that micro-weddings have their perks, and done right, they are more than just another wedding… they’re a rare celebration of time with the people you love most in the world. They’re an opportunity to slow down and make lasting memories together. They’re a chance to celebrate your guests, even as your guests are celebrating you, and that’s why they really are our favorite kind of wedding to splurge on.


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