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Had to Reschedule Your Wedding? Don't Change Your Wedding Colors...

If you have had to reschedule your wedding because of COVID, it may feel like the challenges are never-ending. Even after you’ve secured a new date at your venue, confirmed all your vendors, and gotten your change the date cards into the mail, you might be staring at a closet full of cheery, yellow, summer bridesmaid dresses, tailored and paid for, that now have to transition to an early winter wedding…

Changing a wedding’s color palate is not as easy as switching a table cloth, especially if you are taking an active role in sourcing your own décor. It’s possible you’ve already spent a good deal on items that would be so perfect now… how will they possibly look at home in Fall or Winter?

The truth is, the colors you’ve been imagining at your warm-weather wedding can look perfect, even when there’s snow on the ground. All it takes is a few choice details to help the transition.

Here are six of the most popular color palates for summer 2020 weddings, and multiple ways to make them look incredible in colder months...

Desert Tones

Introducing Wine, Mustard, or Teal are all perfect ways to turn this sunlit palate into a stunning, cool season affair.

Dusky Tones

Introduce muted Amethyst, or Icy Mint. Allow voluptuous flower displays to be interrupted by pussy willows, or bare, bold branches. Make sure your whites are cool-toned to keep the whole palate feeling fresh and delicate.

Fresh and Natural Greens and Whites

Just like in nature, greens match everything… including each other.

Deepen earthy looks by adding club-worthy British racing green. Pair sage with cranberry and tea-stained whites. Bring drama to minty tones by adding deep, satiny teals and classic, gold trim. Or, for a cool, modern play, pair mint with an assortment of grays from pale dove to charcoal. Gray is guaranteed to look perfectly sophisticated against a fall or winter backdrop.

4. Pastels

Go against the darkness of the season by embracing the full array of winter sky shades. Lilac, baby pink, or pale blue offset by bright white, gold and silver are entirely winter-worthy. Pair pink with rose gold and wheat. Allow lilac to pop against burgundy, mauve, and even magenta. And bring some navy blue and rust accents to complement your baby blue theme.

5. Primaries and Brights

For yellow, take your cues from fall harvests. Bring in amber, nutmeg, cream, and wheat to ground the sunny glow of yellow. Choose chartreuse greens to keep the palate deep and vibrant. Set cobalt blue amid indigo, navy, sage, and white. If you wanted a bold red wedding, surround your choice with shades found in plaid: moss-green, magenta, and orange all look great. Or, for a more wintery palette, allow crimson to sing between eucalyptus and deeper burgundies.

6. “Hot” Shades

Yes. Even these can look incredible in winter. Play up the fiery tones of orange by pairing it with teal, mustard, and cream. Put magenta amid wine and violet. And let lime greens be subdued by amber, navy and grey.

No matter what color you chose, don’t despair. A few added touches can rescue your palette, and make it feel entirely intentional. You were drawn to that color in the first place; it spoke to you. Trust your choice, and make it the one thing COVID can’t touch. You are going to have a beautiful wedding.


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