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May Flowers Bring Couple Showers

Summer is the most popular season for weddings, and that means late spring is high time for wedding showers. This year, instead of limiting yourself to Girl’s Only Tea Parties and Lingerie Romps, consider throwing a couple’s shower instead.

Maybe it’s because we’re finally rethinking the binary, or maybe it’s just because couple’s showers work, but for whatever reason, coed wedding showers are on the rise. In our minds, this is long overdue. Afterall, a shower celebrates a marriage… so why celebrate apart?

If you’re interested in throwing a couple’s shower, there’s a few things to remember to make sure your party is a hit!

Firstly, make sure your invite clearly states that this party is for couples! If you simply say, “Wedding Shower,” most men will assume they’re not invited. Avoid that mistake by letting people know this is a couple’s party. Then, choose a theme that’s fun for all!

Very soon the weather will be getting warmer. Why not pick a sunshiny theme and throw your party outside?

Instead of a traditional tea party, give your coed party a Wonderland twist with a series of strong, fun, tea-based cocktails.

Consider hiring entertainment like a card-trick magician or introduce costume and décor elements that play on the queen of hearts.

Since it’s spring, complement your tea cakes and cucumber sandwiches with seed packets or starter plants as favors for each guest. Put each plant or packet in a customized flowerpot to keep all emphasis on your big day!

Want to break away from tradition all together? Throw an unusual food-themed party.

How about a “Taco Bout Love” fiesta party. The cocktails for this one couldn’t be easier, and you could even go all out by hiring a food truck.

If you’re feeling even more tropical, consider a “We’re Getting Maui’d” Hawaiian party. Have flower leis for each guest, and if possible, plan this party near a pool!

Bar B Que, Tapas and Sangria, and Beer (or Cider) Gardens make great themes too.

Once you’ve settled on your theme, consider having a few games just to break the ice. That can be as simple as putting people’s names in a hat and, when their name is drawn, asking them to tell the story of how they met the couple. Or, you can have each party goer share one of their favorite or embarrassing memories with the couple, almost like a friendly, softer “roast.”

You can organize something competitive like volleyball or ultimate frisbee. If the game is high contact, consider splitting the teams into boys against girls as a nod to old split parties (and to make sure personal space among strangers stays respected.) Wedding and love-themed charades or quiz games can also lead to a lot of laughs.

Finally, make time for toasts. While you are throwing an epic party, this gathering shouldn’t feel generic. Everyone should remember that they are there to celebrate the happy couple. Toasts are a beautiful way to ensure the party is not only fun, but meaningful. (Just be sure to give your toast-givers plenty of notice. This is not something to put on someone the day they arrive.)

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