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First Anniversary Gift Guide

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A First Anniversary is a big deal. It’s a year of incredible highs and unexpected challenges as you figure out how to blend your lives together. Reaching the end of that year is a milestone to celebrate. And while traditionally, first anniversaries have been dubbed “paper anniversaries,” we think you deserve one better...

Paper came from the idea of a blank slate, and that’s cool!

Newer relationships do have that starry-eyed sense of possibility, but instead of marking it with something as fragile as paper, we think the first anniversary might be the optimal time to gift a classic. Hear us out…

You have your whole lives ahead, so why not gift your spouse something designed to last equally as long?

We may be a little bias, but we think jewelry is truly the perfect first-anniversary gift.

Many people who are celebrating their first year of marriage haven’t yet had a chance to build up their “adult” jewelry collection, and when you give somebody a classic piece of jewelry, you are giving them something they’ll still be wearing when you celebrate your sixtieth anniversary. Now that’s pretty remarkable.

So here are our favorite pieces that promise to go the distance:

Diamond Studs

These are definitive for a reason. They are as easily paired with jeans as they are with black tie, and they come in enough shapes and sizes to be within reach of every budget. Best of all, they last forever, which is the perfect sentiment for a first anniversary.

Shapely Pendants

Pendants are the ultimate layering necklace. They’re also a gift she can wear close to her heart, 24/7, making them a meaningful choice for first anniversaries. From classic crosses and hearts to freeform designs and eternity circles, there’s a pendant that is perfect for the woman you love.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings originate over 2000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. They can be solid precious metal, or they can be encrusted in gemstones (often diamonds); the important feature of an eternity ring is that its decoration is unbroken, meaning it’s treated equally all the way around the band.

An eternity ring can be worn right alongside an engagement ring and wedding band, or it can be worn on a middle finger, pointer finger, or even as a right hand ring the way a cocktail ring would be.

Solitaire Necklace

Solitaires stand alone. They are a unit of one: complete, beautiful, and enduring. That is precisely why this style is so well-suited to a first anniversary.

One diamond, to mark one year. It’s a powerful gift that she will love for all your years to come.


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