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Bring Your Wedding To Life With Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Pantone just released their color of the year, and it’s a good one.

Living Coral is described as “a life-affirming coral hue with golden undertones.” This color, according to Pantone “energizes and enlivens,” while still possessing a “softer edge.”

We’re sold.

Honestly, they had us at golden undertones.

Here’s how to bring this year’s most exalted color to your wedding:

As an influencer. Brides who get a thrill from embracing dynamic trends will be right at home in these splashy, coral-accented wedding gowns.

Find some vintage glassware… the kind with gold accents, and serve up a coral signature cocktail. These will look amazingly art deco.

Soften your groomsmen’s look with an approachable coral accent. From pocket squares and bowties to socks and cufflinks, coral on men is like millennial pink all grown up.

Coral and gold makeup is universally flattering. A bold coral lip will have your mouth looking like a blossom at its peak.

Make a sushi-grazing table. Keep it sustainable by using Seafood Watch-approved fish. Salmon are a great choice, and can be beet-cured to create a deeper, pink tone in lieu of less sustainable tuna.

Winter Wedding? Use burnished shades of coral and gold, offset by bay leaf green and brooding, black accents. These invites have a color scheme that would look incredible as a centerpiece. How about the opulence of black velvet runners beneath structural foliage displays?

This is the year of the cake, and we love the oil paint-like finish of this one. This would look just as amazing at a bohemian styled affair as it would in an industrial chic space.

Keep your look more daring than frilly by playing up coral’s gold undertones. How about putting your bridesmaids in gold sequin dresses for an evening to remember?

Coral looks amazing next to neutrals, too, so use one of this year’s other big trends: echo chic, sustainable grasses and dried flowers in place of traditional blooms. A few choice coral petals against dry, wheat tones will create an otherworldly affect without the high CO2e of importing actual exotic flowers.

Let your forever dreams start now by hanging large, coral colored dream catchers at your alter.

Coral is a color for all locations in all seasons. It’s the early morning sunlight on the desert and the all-too-fleeting golden hour at the end of a winter’s day. It’s warm and timeless yet eternally fresh, and now it is yours.

2019: The Year of Living Coral. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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