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Best of Push Presents

What exactly is a “push” present? A push present is a commemoration of the major life milestone that is childbirth. While some people find push presents controversial, we love them. And here’s why:

Without a doubt, having a baby changes things. It changes your sleep. It changes your body. It changes your relationship with your spouse. And it changes your financial picture, maybe indefinitely. A push present might be the last opportunity a mother has to truly indulge herself for a long time—maybe even for years. And to us, that feels important.

And that brings us to the other reason we love push presents. Childbirth isn’t only about the baby! We’ve all heard expectant mothers and strangers reiterating the line, “As long as the baby is healthy—that’s all that matters.” And that’s half-true… the baby’s health does matter so much; but so does the mother’s!

Having a baby, whether traditionally or surgically via a C-Section, is a massive trauma to the human body—physically, and sometimes emotionally. Post-partum anxieties and depressions are as real as post-partum euphoria. And a push present is an amazing way of recognizing the mother through it all: through the journey of her pregnancy, the monumental occasion of her giving birth, and the endless changes still ahead. So, yeah, we’re whole-hearted proponents of this gift-giving tradition, and since jewelry is the most traditional push present of all, we have some ideas for amazing push presents at every budget.

Fashion Rings:

A fashion ring is an amazing push present gift because it can be worn in addition to her bridal set, or, in cases where she’s experienced pregnancy-related swelling, the push present ring can be worn temporarily in place of an engagement ring. As a bonus, if this new mama has a baby girl, a push present ring will make an amazing heirloom to give to her when she comes of age. Here are some of our favorite ring styles for Push Presents:

An Initial Necklace:

Instead of getting her a necklace with her own name, how about choosing the first initial of your sweet new baby? Not only do initial necklaces look amazing layered with all kinds of other jewelry, but they let her keep the new baby’s moniker close to her heart, making them ideal as push presents.

“It’s A…” Jewelry:

Whether she’s having a boy or a girl, blue or pink gemstones are a beautiful, subtle way to acknowledge the new baby. Here are our favorite designs in everyone’s favorite baby-approved hues.

Tennis Bracelets:

This is a gift that is entirely Mom-centric. A classic tennis bracelet, like a little black dress, is a piece every woman should own someday. It’s a go-with-anything classic that is also perfectly indulgent for one of life’s biggest milestones. And contrary to popular belief, tennis bracelets can be as luxurious, or as affordable as you make them. (The bracelets featured here begin at just $260!)

Pro-secret: to get the most sparkle for your money, choose a bracelet made of lab-grown diamonds! Economic, and ecological? Now that’s a gift even crunchy mamas will love.

To make the absolute most of your push present, don’t overlook the wrapping!

The artist behind these La Vie de Maman bags has major Minneapolis connections...

Each tote is hand-printed by Alexandra Tousley, using stamps the artist has carved herself. That means every bag is slightly different, eternally practical, and a true celebration of the unique life of mom. We suggest wrapping your push present in a hand-stamped La Vie de Maman bag for maximum gift-giving impact.

Who knows… with all the baby-bits she’ll be carrying around, she may wear this piece every bit as much as the jewelry!

(All Jewelry featured can be found at Wedding Day Diamonds. Bags: LowenhausCo.)


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