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5 Best Ways to Gift Jewelry This Christmas

Tis the season of giving, and there’s no doubt about it–jewelry is one of the absolute best gifts you can give on Christmas morning.

  • Diamond jewelry lasts forever (ours, especially, thanks to our lifetime warranty).

  • It’s unbelievably festive and celebratory (just look at all that sparkle!)

  • And an item of jewelry makes an incredible tradition for her to look forward to each and every Christmas morning. There’s no better time to start (or expand) her “grown up” jewelry collection…

But don’t just stop at choosing the perfect gift; make the way you give it to her equally as unforgettable. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to gift jewelry this holiday season.

1. Something to Wake Up to…

woman sleeping, winter morning, winter pajamas, sleeping with curly hair,

If your partner is a heavy sleeper, you might be able to slip a diamond bracelet around her wrist or an eternity band on her finger without her even waking. How amazing will that be when she finally opens her eyes?

If that’s not an option, put a beautifully wrapped present right near her morning routine… perhaps in the fridge, next to the milk she puts in her morning coffee, or among the crumbs on the plate of cookies she left out for Santa. This is one way to ensure a perfect start to Christmas morning.

2. Create a Mother/Daughter Moment

Give your wife and daughter something they’ll be equally proud to wear. In terms of sentiment, this gift is about as special as it gets since because they’ll each be receiving a piece that will last a lifetime and will forever remind them of one another.

These pendants, which come in myriad sizes and letters are perfect for a mother/ daughter theme.

3. Have a “Good Boy” Deliver the Bling.

Get your pooch involved. Secure a little note and jewelry box to your pup’s collar and tell him to go find your partner. Make your note sweet and cute by saying something like,

"I wanted to give you this myself, but Dad beat me to it. Love, both of us."

4. Cause a Little Panic

If you’re one of those couples who find yourselves traveling to relatives’ houses on Christmas Day, make her car ride more enjoyable by hiding the gorgeous little package in the glove box beforehand. (Only do this if you’re able to park your car in a secure place!)

Then, on your drive over, pretend you forgot something important, or come up with another dire reason to get her rifling through that glovebox. She’ll be relieved and amazed by what’s hidden inside.

5. “Hide” it in her Jewelry Box

Whether you’re going to an event, or having a romantic Christmas at home, tell her whatever she’s wearing would look amazing with the (insert piece of jewelry you got for her).

When she says she doesn’t have any such piece, be persistent. Tell her you’re sure she does. That she must just not be remembering–you’ve seen it, after all. Tell her to go check her jewelry box, and then have that wonderful little present sitting there, just waiting to be found.

It might already be December, but even if you’re a last-minute shopper, it’s not too late to give her an incredibly memorable Christmas and a gift that will last forever. Happy Holidays! We’re wishing you a season that’s especially merry and bright.


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