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Winter Wonderlands for Your Best Holiday Proposal

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

woman holding heart shaped snowball
From snow to fairy lights, let the season's sparkles be the backdrop for your magical holiday proposal.

Winter might just be the best time to get engaged. Snowy parks, frozen rivers, and city lights all make for perfect winter wonderlands for your best holiday proposal. Here are some of our favorite local destinations to get engaged...

marquise diamond engagement ring

Rice Park

Swoon. This romantically lit-up St. Paul park will make your proposal look as dreamy as the ones in your favorite holiday movies.

oval cut diamond engagement ring with double halo

St. Anthony Main

This timeless portion of the riverfront is especially dazzling in winter, and it provides plenty of eateries to celebrate your new fiancé status!

oval solitaire engagement ring

On the Waterfront

Whether you choose Raspberry Park in St. Paul, Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, or Centennial Lakes in Edina, a quiet winter walk along the water offers plenty of intimacy for your holiday proposal.

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round brilliant diamond engagement ring with diamond enrusted band

On Skates

Crashing into each other while trying to twirl on ice is the stuff of Romcom dreams, and that makes an ice arena the perfect place to hear your partner say yes.

cluster diamond engagement ring

Get Out Into Nature

The Crow Hassan dog park is a top choice for pup-parents to propose in the company of their furry blended family. Or, bring an insta-worthy blanket (and a bottle of bubbles in your backpack), and propose in the solitude of a winter picnic.

oval diamond engagement ring with halo and diamond encrusted band

Christmas Tree Farm

Plan a day to chop your own tree, and make your partner's engagement ring the first gift under that tree.

princess cut split shank diamond engagement ring


Proposing downtown has a very Breakfast-At-Tiffany's feel about it. Clear your whole day. Propose early, and then bask in your engagement at any number of eateries, spas, museums, or any of the other treasures a downtown proposal offers.

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