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White-Hot Bridesmaid Dresses

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Credit: Tay Ericson Photography

The white bridesmaid dress trend may have started a couple years ago, but this fresh, modern look is here to stay. Here are five of our favorite ways to pull off white bridesmaid dresses, without lessening the effect of your own bridal look.

Play with Textures

bride, white bridesmaid dresses, pale green bridesmaid dresses, pastel bouquets, rose bouquet
Credit: Savanna K Studios

If your dress shines in beads and sequins, put your bridesmaids in a white fabric that is more matte.

If your dress is lace, make sure their dresses are a solid weave.

If your dress is highly structured, choose something flowing for your bridesmaids.

The key here is to make sure their white dresses are texturally different than your own. That way they are guaranteed to form a perfect backdrop for your unique bridal look.

Play with Length

Credit: Vail Photography

This works for any age of bridal party, but it’s especially sweet in bridal groups where kids are involved. We love the way this bride’s long elegant gown is accented by the girls’ knee-length lace dresses.

Mix and Match Ombre Dresses

Credit: Nicole Castonguay Photography

This look is especially perfect for brides whose own dresses are sleek and timeless.

If you want simple lines and stark, popping white for yourself, then put your squad in a variety of textures, details, and hues from off-white to neutral.

This look creates a gorgeous display with plenty of visual interest, and the variety of dresses means every bridesmaid can wear a gown that’s sure to flatter her unique body.

Accessories Make the Difference

Credit: Tay Ericson Photography

This bride chose a gorgeous dusky-white shade for all her bridesmaid dresses, then brought subtle variation to each woman’s necklines and sleeves. But she didn’t stop there—black leather jackets for the squad and white leather for her left no question as to who was fairest of them all.

Work the Spectrum

Credit (L) Codee Rose Photography

According to interior designers, there are over 150,000 shades of white, meaning the variety of tones to choose from is basically limitless. Whether you want to veer warmer towards champagne hues, or cooler towards blue or even grey whites, there is a white out there that is sure to complement your dress and provide necessary contrast.


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