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Three Pieces of Jewelry for All Your Summer Travel Plans

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Summer is travel season, and no matter where you plan to go or what kind of vacation you have ahead, there are three jewelry pieces you’ll want to have in your jewelry wardrobe.

summer vacation packing, summer wardrobe, summer travel, suitcase

These three items are the key to packing light, and that’s important when we talk about jewelry, because having fewer pieces to keep track of means there’s less chance of any one piece getting lost or left behind.

When traveling, you want your jewelry to do double time. The right items to pack will look just as good with a swimsuit coverup as they will with a cocktail dress. Here, we’ll show you how to nail all your summer vacation styles with just three pieces of jewelry…

woman on beach with engagement ring

1. Your Engagement Ring

It’s true what they say—the safest place for your ring is on your finger, and that includes when you're traveling.

engagement ring, Black woman with diamond engagement ring

If you need your ring resized, we highly recommend doing that before you depart.

That way, you are guaranteed a secure and comfortable fit throughout all your adventures.

Black man in diamond stud earrings, black model in diamond stud earrings

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

If you pack diamond studs, you won’t need to pack any other pair of earrings.

Diamond studs match everything—whether you’re lounging at a poolside bar, clubbing on a rooftop, or touring the museums and concert halls of Europe.

They give you a finished look and sit snug enough to the ear that even adventure travelers can wear them comfortably. Leave your chandelier styles at home; diamond stud earrings really are the pack-light essential for your jewelry wardrobe.

Beautiful Latina woman in tank top and pendant necklace

3. A Pendant Necklace

If you are someone who doesn’t quite feel finished without your jewelry, you may want to pack more than just an engagement ring and diamond stud earrings.

In that case, a pendant necklace is the ideal addition to your travel-essential jewelry collection.

Pendants look great with all necklines, and since there’s a huge variety of pendant styles to choose from, this is one place where you can add some personal flair to your wear-everyday jewelry.

Pendants are a surefire way to look effortlessly pulled together in every vacation selfie.

tennis bracelets with maxi dress, summer beach wardrobe

4. Bonus Piece

If you have those first three items covered and just want one more showstopping piece, something guaranteed to make your vacation photos sparkle for a lifetime, consider a diamond tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are shockingly versatile.

diamond tennis bracelet

They add a “wow” factor to jeans and a t-shirt but also look perfectly at home with little black dresses or loose summer maxis. You’ll never need to take it off, which is exactly what you want in vacation jewelry.

The best part? You won’t believe how instantly glowy your summer skin will look next to the bright white diamonds of a tennis bracelet.


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